A Sonic game that plays like Fall Guys is coming to mobile

A cinematic shot of Sonic in Sonic Rumble's announcement trailer.

Sega unveiled a new Sonic the Hedgehog game today, and it’s a multiplayer game for mobile devices that’s reminiscent of battle royale platformers like Fall Guys.

Titled Sonic Rumble, this battle royale game sees 32 players compete as they dash and jump their way through levels. Mediatonic’s Fall Guys is the most immediate comparison to draw based on the gameplay briefly shown off in its reveal trailer, but Sonic Rumble does stand out with levels that feel uniquely tailored to the series’ iconography and 2D platformer sections that call back to Sonic’s roots. A lot of Sonic the Hedgehog characters appear to be playable and can be further customized with in-game items.

Sonic Rumble – Announce Trailer

A closed beta for Sonic Rumble will be held between May 24 and May 26, and players can sign up for it on the game’s website. Sega expects a full release for the game sometime this fall. It’s nice to have official confirmation of this project, as it has been a poorly kept secret for some time.

Accurate Sega leaker Midori first teased it on X  in January; Insider Gaming followed up with a report about the game in February. Insider Gaming’s description of the gameplay was accurate, as were claims that gold rings will be the main currency; it did get the release window and the name of the game wrong, though.

Sonc Rumble will released for iOS and Android sometime this winter. It isn’t the only Sonic the Hedgehog game coming this year, though, as Sonic x Shadow Generations will also release sometime in 2024. This also isn’t the franchise’s only foray onto mobile this year, as Sonic Mania Plus just came to Netflix.

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