This 58-inch 4K TV is discounted to $258, and it’s selling fast

Hisense R6 Series 4K TV with remotes pointed at it.

Walmart has many awesome TV deals at the moment, and that includes $40 off the Hisense 58-inch R6 4K TV. Already a great price at $298, it’s now even more affordable at $258. If you need a new TV for your living space and you don’t want to spend too much, this is the ideal opportunity to get something great for less. Here’s what else you need to know about the deal before it sells out soon.

Why you should buy the Hisense 58-inch R6 4K TV

You may not see the Hisense 58-inch R6 4K TV among our look at the best TVs but it’s still worth your time and money if you’re looking for something inexpensive. The obvious highlight is its sizeable 58-inch 4K TV screen but the Hisense 58-inch R6 4K TV also has some other convenient and eye-catching features.

That includes Dolby Vision HDR and HDR10 so that you get improved colors and better realism than with other standard 4K TVs. It’s a good way of enjoying an improved experience watching movies at home. There’s also Motion Rate 120 technology which means that you won’t have to worry about the TV handling fast-moving action. While motion blur can afflict lesser TVs, this one means that the action still flows well.

For gaming, the Hisense 58-inch R6 4K TV has a dedicated gaming mode which significantly improves input lag ensuring every button press on your controller is virtually instantaneous on screen. To provide you with an even more immersive experience, there’s also DTS Studio Sound which works as a form of virtual surround sound to draw you further into the action.

The Hisense 58-inch R6 4K TV is also smart thanks to its use of Roku TV as its operating system. The operating system is simple to use with a clearly laid out Home Screen. There’s access to thousands of free and paid channels here so there’s always something to watch even if you’re not signed up to many streaming services. Alongside that, you can use Google Assistant or Alexa to control your TV. This can be done via the touch of the remote or the Roku mobile app, giving you the ability to control your smart home as well as your TV.

As one of the best TV brands, Hisense also knows that design is important so the Hisense 58-inch R6 4K TV has a bezel-less design which looks great.

The Hisense 58-inch R6 4K TV normally costs $298 but it’s down to just $258 right now at Walmart. Saving $40 makes it an even more irresistible deal than usual. Check it out now as it’s proving highly popular and likely to sell out soon.

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