This Samsung soundbar and subwoofer bundle is reduced from $1,000 to $468

Samsung Q800T 8K QLED TV

Buying a soundbar is the easiest and most cost-efficient way of upgrading your home theater setup’s audio, and you can’t go wrong with the Samsung HW-Q800C 5.1.2-channel soundbar. It’s currently available for less than half its original price of $1,000 from Amazon’s Woot, as a $532 discount brings it down to a more affordable $468. There are only a few days left before this offer expires, but you’re going to want to proceed with the purchase immediately because there’s a chance that stocks don’t last until the end of the sale.

Why you should buy the Samsung HW-Q800C 5.1.2-channel soundbar

The numbers in the name of the Samsung HW-Q800C 5.1.2-channel soundbar are explained by our guide on how to buy a soundbar. The “5” means there are five channels, namely the standard left and right channels, the center channel for clearer dialogue, and two additional channels for surround sound. The “1” means it comes with a subwoofer, in this case a wireless subwoofer, and the “2” means it has two dedicated drivers that fire upwards to the ceiling to support Dolby Atmos. With the Samsung HW-Q800C 5.1.2-channel soundbar in your living room, it will be like you’re watching movies in the theaters, but at the the comfort of your own home.

The Samsung HW-Q800C 5.1.2-channel soundbar features Spacefit Sound Pro technology, which optimizes its output depending on the room where it’s located, and Game Mode Pro for an improved gaming experience. The soundbar also allows for hands-free operation through its built-in voice assistants, and it pairs seamlessly with Samsung TVs though the Q-Symphony feature.

If you’re looking for soundbar deals that will get you excellent value, set your sights on this offer from Amazon’s Woot for the Samsung HW-Q800C 5.1.2-channel soundbar — it’s $532 off, bringing its price down to just $468 from $1,000. It’s not going to stay this affordable for long though — there are only a few days remaining for the discount, and there’s even chance that stocks run out sooner than you expect. Simply put, if you want to get the Samsung HW-Q800C 5.1.2-channel soundbar for less than half-price, you’re going to have to buy it now.

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