This Samsung washer and dryer bundle is one of the best Black Friday deals

Samsung washer & dryer bundle

If you have a big family or just tend to do an absolute ton of laundry, then going for Samsung’s large capacity front-loading washer & dryer bundle makes a lot of sense. That’s especially true if you have a Samsung Galaxy phone or other Samsung device that puts you in the Samsung ecosystem since you can integrate the dryer and washer into Smart Things. Even though Samsung devices tend to be quite expensive, there are still some great Black Friday deals you can take advantage of, like this washer & dryer set from Samsung that’s going for $1,298 instead of $2,098. That’s a substantial $800 discount and well worth taking advantage of before the deal expires.

Why you should buy the Samsung washer & dryer bundle

Starting with the front-loading washer, it has a rather large 4.5 cubic foot capacity and comes with a speed wash mode that can finish all your laundry in about 28 minutes, which is pretty fast, although not super economical.  It also has a gamut of other features, such as steaming to help with stain removal, a self-cleaning mode meant to be run every 40 cycles, and an anti-microbial coating that keeps the inside safe from lingering smells. You can also connect it to the Smart Things app, which lets you check things like energy usage and how the cycle is going, and even start a cycle remotely, which is pretty neat.

As for the dryer, it has a larger 7.5 cubic foot capacity and has a couple of interesting features, too, the most important being the automatic temperature sensor, which makes sure your clothes are dried quickly without doing any damage to them. There’s also the Steam Stanize+ cycle, which helps remove 9.9% of germs and bacteria and over 95% of pollen. Plus it can help take out wrinkles, which anybody who’s had to deal with wrinkled clothes can appreciate. The dryer also has similar app connectivity, which lets you monitor energy usage and schedule cycles ahead of time.

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All in all, this Samsung dryer & washer bundle is great for those in the Samsung ecosystem who want something a little bit smarter and higher-end, especially with the substantial $800 discount that brings the bundle down to $1,298. On the other hand, if you don’t care that much about being inside the Samsung ecosystem, or want something a little bit different be sure to check out these Black Friday washer and dryer bundle deals. You might also be able to find some great Amazon Black Friday deals or Best Buy Black Friday deals on washers and driers, either individually or as a bundle. There is also this

if you prefer.

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