I saw the new Space Black MacBook Pro, and it’s stunning

Two MacBooks Pro renders side by side against a black backround.

It’s not often that MacBook Pros get new color options. But with this most recent update to M3 chips, the MacBook Pro will add Space Black, a color that first appeared on the iPhone, to the mix. I was shown an early preview of the new color ahead of the “Scary Fast” launch event, and I have to say: I’m smitten.

This new Space Black is not true black, of course. In truth, it’s a slightly darker gray than Space Gray, which it replaces. And it’s a good thing this isn’t true black. Because remember, this is aluminum, and Apple isn’t just slapping a coating or layer of paint on here like so many laptop manufacturers do when making true black aluminum laptops. These laptops, such as most gaming laptops or even something like the Surface Laptop, tend to scratch easily and fade over time.

A new chemical compound isbeing used to achieve this color, and the result is not only a darker color. It’s also designed to deter fingerprints, which is another problem with laptops that are all black. And remember, this is a laptop. Your palms and fingers are going to be all over this thing.

The keyboard of the Space Black MacBook Pro.

How badly a device attracts fingerprints can’t be tested in the few minutes I had with the new MacBook Pro (unless it’s really bad), but I did get to handle it a bit. I’m happy to report that the surface of the device doesn’t feel any different to the touch either. Because, again, this isn’t an additional coating added on top.

The Space Black color is exclusive to the M3 Pro and M3 Max configurations of the MacBook Pro (14-inch and 16-inch). If you opt for the entry-level, 14-inch M3 MacBook Pro, you’ll still have the option of Space Gray instead of the new Space Black.

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