Buy Beats Fit Pro earbuds and get a $25 Amazon gift card

The Beats Fit Pro wireless earbuds and their charging case.
Simon Cohen / Digital Trends

Looking for headphone deals involving Apple’s AirPods Pro? Before you make that purchase, you may want to consider going for the Beats Fit Pro instead. The wireless earbuds are cheaper at $200 compared to the second-generation AirPods Pro at $250, and every purchase will come with a $25 Amazon gift card that you can use on other products on the platform. You need to process the transaction as soon as possible though, because it’s unclear until when you’ll be getting the free gift card when you buy the Beats Fit Pro.

Why you should buy the Beats Fit Pro

The first thing that you’ll notice about the Beats Fit Pro is their wingtips, which will help keep the wireless earbuds in place during intense workouts or long running sessions by fitting into your upper ear. The wingtips will be comfortable because they’re made from soft silicone rubber, while the silicone eartips come with three choices to help you find the perfect size. Once the Beats Fit Pro are in your ears, they can stay there for up to 7 hours before you need to recharge them, and you’ve got a total of 24 hours of usage when you include the juice from their charging case.

The Beats Fit Pro are powered by Apple’s H1 chip, which enables features such as automatic switching between devices, audio sharing with other Beats headphones and AirPods, and hands-free voice commands with Apple’s Siri. The wireless earbuds are compatible with both iOS and Android devices though, and they come with active noise cancelling to block distractions and a transparency mode to let you listen to your surroundings without having to take them out of your ears. The Beats Fit Pro also support Spatial Audio with dynamic head tracking, so sounds will adjust depending on the movements of your head.

If you’re convinced with the Beats Fit Pro, you should hurry up and buy the wireless earbuds from Amazon for $200 so that you can get a $25 gift card. There’s no information on when the offer will end, but you need to assume that there’s not much time left. To make sure that you get the free gift card, add the Beats Fit Pro to your cart and check out immediately.

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