This top-rated Anker portable power station is discounted to $199

Anker SOLIX 522 Portable Power Station

As we come to rely more and more on having a source of electricity, it can be quite difficult to deal with power cuts, especially if they end up lasting a long time. That’s where a good portable power station can come in handy, giving you that extra little bit of juice when you need it the most. Luckily, there are a lot of excellent options out there, and this Anker Solix 522 is a good option, given Anker’s experience and position in the market. Even better, Best Buy is currently having a sale on the Solix 522, bringing it down to $199 from the usual $269 it goes for, saving you $70 in the process.

Why you should buy the Anker Solix 522 Portable Power Station

The Anker Solix 522 has a pretty substantial 299Wh, which will easily power things like your phone or laptop many times over. Not only that, but it has a total of six different outlets for you to work with, including two AC outlets for any more substantial appliances or devices, as well as a USB-A port, two USB-C ports, and a DC car port. In fact, you can use all of them simultaneously since the Solix 522 can provide 300 watts of power in normal configuration and up to a whopping 600 watts in SurgePad turned on, so it can handle a lot.

It’s also pretty great for taking out camping since it weighs a very reasonable 8.6 pounds, can operate in temperatures between -4 Fahrenheit to an impressive 104 Fahrenheit, and has a rugged body that can handle a couple of light bumps here and there. It also has an included nightlight which is perfect for emergency use, and if you want to go on extended trips, you can fill the Solix 522 back up using a solar panel, although given that’s probably only going to bring in about 100 watts of charge, that may take a while. Still, it’s a good alternative for those who expect to deal with an extended lack of city power, so we can’t knock it for that.

Overall, the Anker SOlix 522 is probably one of the better portable power stations you’re going to find, especially with the $199 price tag from Best Buy. Of course, you can also check out some of these other portable power station deals for alternatives if you want something with a bit more oomph, such as the Jackery Explorer 1000, one of our favorites.

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