This Alienware gaming PC with RTX 4090 is nearly $800 off

Alienware Aurora R16 sitting on a coffee table.
Jacob Roach / Digital Trends

If you’re willing to shell out a significant amount of cash on gaming PC deals to get a powerful machine, here’s a recommendation that you should consider — the Alienware Aurora R16 gaming desktop, with a configuration that usually costs $4,695, is available from Dell at $795 off. The discount brings its price down to $3,900, which is still pretty expensive, but it’s the only purchase that you’ll have to make for at least the next few years. We’re not sure how much time is remaining on this offer though, so proceed with the transaction as soon as you can.

Why you should buy the Alienware Aurora R16 gaming desktop

Our roundup of the best gaming PCs places the Alienware Aurora R16 at the top spot partly because it offers a lot of flexibility alongside competitive pricing. This configuration of the gaming desktop comes with the 14th-generation Intel Core i9 processor and the Nvidia GeForce RTX 4090 graphics card, plus 64GB of RAM that goes above and beyond the recommendation of our guide on how much RAM do you need for gamers. These specifications will let you play the best PC games at their highest settings, and will have you ready for the upcoming PC games of the next few years.

The Alienware Aurora R16 gaming desktop ships with a 4TB SSD, which is a lot of storage space for video games, and with Windows 11 Pro out of the box, you can start your installations right away. If that will take a lot of time, and if you’re the type of gamer who plays for several hours per session, the Alienware Aurora R16 won’t let you down because its liquid cooling system will keep it running at optimum performance at all times.

For gamers who are looking for the most powerful gaming PC that they can buy, you should turn your attention towards the Alienware Aurora R16 and this configuration that normally costs $4,695. A $795 discount from Dell lowers its price to $3,900, but there’s no telling for how long. If you want to take advantage of this offer before it expires, you’re going to have to hurry in completing your purchase, as you may miss out on the savings that you can spend on monitor deals or more video games if you keep hesitating.

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