Insane deal gets you Microsoft Office for Mac or Windows for $25

Box for Microsoft Office Professional Plus 2019 edition.

One of the worst parts about using the Microsoft Office suite is paying for it. Often, again and again, if you buy the subscription-based Microsoft 365. In the past, contributors have written defenses of using Microsoft Office over the Google suite for this very reason. It feels hard to justify the price. That is, until it doesn’t. Just now, we’ve found a great deal that gives you Microsoft Office 2019 for Mac or Windows at a price point of just $25. That’s $204 off of the typical $229, and feels basically free in comparison. Check out the version you want and get this deal while its still active by tapping the appropriate button below. Alternatively, keep reading for an overview of the apps provided, an overview of the subtle differences between the Windows and Mac versions, and some important tips about the software.

Why you should buy Microsoft Office 2019

When we compare Microsoft Office vs Microsoft 365, there are a few differences, but one major one: Microsoft Office is a static, single-payment service and Microsoft 365 is a subscription service. They each have advantages (the subscription service gets updates on the regular) but for a deal like this, you definitely appreciate getting the Microsoft Office license.

The Windows version (officially “Microsoft Office Professional Plus 2019 for Windows”) and the Mac version (“Microsoft Office Home & Business 2019 for Mac”) are mostly the same, but have subtle differences you should be aware of:

Microsoft Office 2019
App Available on Windows? Available on Mac?
Word — The classic Microsoft word wrap softwar. Yes Yes
Excel — Great for spreadsheets, organizing data, and doing calculations. Yes Yes
PowerPoint — The classic Microsoft slide deck maker. Yes Yes
Outlook — Manage your emails in one place. Yes Yes
OneNote — Microsoft’s digital note-taking tool. Yes Yes
Publisher — This is a stylized publishing tool that gives you advanced margin control and more. Yes No
Access — Microsoft’s database management system. Yes No
Teams Classic — Office communication software. No Yes

With all of this info comes a couple of things worth noting before making a purchase. First, it appears that Microsoft Publisher is being phased out of Microsoft 365 subscription plans at some point in the next couple of years. If you want it, this is a great way to get ahold of it permanently. Second, Teams Classic is a necessarily online product, as it is communications based. Teams Classic is currently being phased out and replaced by other products. Microsoft provides more about the end of Teams Classic availability, as well as what clients can do when support for the service ends.

If you’re ready to get started on Microsoft Office 2019 for just $25 and not the usual $229, go ahead and tap the appropriate button below. It’s a savings of $204 for a lifetime, subscription-free office suite, but the offer is set to expire soon, so order soon if possible.

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