Documentaries for Life: Get 50% off a lifetime of Curiosity Stream

Curiosity Stream.

Educational programming can be expensive. Subscriptions put you in a rush. With Curiosity Stream you can watch thousands of documentaries at any time. And with this deal, which gives you a lifetime membership, it really does mean at any time. There’s no pressure to watch one every week to get your money’s worth like you might have with even the best streaming services. Right now you can get a lifetime subscription to Curiosity Stream for just $200, which is $200 down from the typical $400. If you watch just one documentary per month for the next four years, that is just a hair over $4 per documentary. Not bad for a continual stream of entertainment that you like. Just tap the button below to find the deal and keep reading to learn more about Curiosity Stream.

Why you should buy a Curiosity Stream lifetime membership

Curiosity Stream provides high definition documentaries that can be watched just about anywhere, from the best Roku TVs to (no joke) your Xbox One. Whether you want to search by title or content area, any time you find a documentary that you or your buddies might want to watch later, there is an easy bookmarking system that will allow you to create your own mini library of quick-to-find content.

The content on Curiosity Stream is continually evolving, which means that we cannot possibly delve into every title and that you’ll never got bored with your membership. You should be able to find quality documentaries that you like, should you like the medium. For example, the Emmy-Award-winning Stephen Hawking’s Favorite Places is featured on Curiosity Stream. You’ll also find loads of documentaries on topics that fascinate you, from endangered animals to the future of technology. From exploring the minds of con artists to learning what the wild west was really like, you can find it all on Curiosity Stream.

To get your lifetime subscription to Curiosity Stream at a discounted rate of just $200 (down from $400) all you need to do is tap the button below and checkout. When you’re done, consider checking out our selections for the best tablets for watching movies, the perfect accompaniment for viewing on the go.

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