Buy the new Google Pixel 8a and get a free $100 Amazon Gift Card

Google Pixel 8a home screen.
Christine Romero-Chan / Digital Trends

The recently released Google Pixel 8a is already available from Amazon’s phone deals. There’s no discount yet for the Android-powered smartphone, but if you buy it for its sticker price of $499, you’ll get an Amazon Gift Card worth $100 for free. That’s an excellent deal for a brand new device, but there’s not a lot of time left for you to take advantage of this offer. To make sure that you get the gift card, it’s highly recommended that you push through with your purchase as soon as possible.

Why you should buy the Google Pixel 8a

The Google Pixel 8a is the latest addition to the Google Pixel line of smartphones. It features a 6.1-inch OLED touchscreen that’s both gorgeous and responsive, IP67 resistance against water and dust, and 128GB of internal storage. The smartphone also packs Google AI, which will make it much easier to accomplish your everyday tasks.

Between the Google Pixel 8a versus Google Pixel 7a, its predecessor, the reasons why you’d want to go for the latest model include a higher refresh rate at 120Hz from 90Hz, double the peak brightness at 2,000 nits from 1,000 nits, a 22% increase in CPU speeds with the upgrade to the Google Tensor G3 chip, 15% better battery life, and more advanced camera features such as Best Take and Magic Editor. Additionally, while the Google Pixel 7a offers three years of operating system upgrades and five years of security and Feature Drop updates, the Google Pixel 8a will get seven years of software support across the board.

It would be too much to ask for a discount on the Google Pixel 8a since it was just rolled out, but here’s an offer for the smartphone that you wouldn’t want to miss — a free $100 Amazon Gift Card if you buy the device for its original price of $499. You’ll be able to spend the gift card on accessories for your Google Pixel 8a such as cases and chargers, but you need to make sure that you get it first. Complete the transaction immediately even if there’s still a few days left on the bargain, because there’s a chance that supplies don’t last until then.

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