Bundle deal gets you Windows 11 and Microsoft Office for $50

Box for Microsoft Office Professional Plus 2019 edition.

If you’ve got a Windows computer and a professional life, you’ll probably eventually want to get your hands on the Pro version of Windows and a complete Microsoft Office setup. They’re quite expensive though, and buying Microsoft Office can be tricky, with some modern version requiring a regular subscription for Word, Excel, and the rest of the gang. Right now, however, you can get a lifetime license for the All-in-One Microsoft Office Pro 2019 for Windows set and a Windows 11 Pro license as a bundle for just $50. Usually this bundle would cost $428, so you’ll save $378 if you go ahead and purchase at this time. Just tap the button below to find the offer or keep reading for more information about the services.

Why you should buy the Windows Office + 11 Pro Bundle

So, what are you getting with this bundle? It’s pretty simple, but also pretty powerful. Here’s a rundown of everything included.

The Microsoft Office Professional Plus 2019 for Windows half of the equation gives you lifetime access to the powerful suite, making this one of the best Microsoft Office deals going on at the moment. Software within the suite includes:

  • Word: You probably already know Word from writing essays. Check out our review of Microsoft Word versus Google Docs if you’ve started using Google’s free cloud-based program instead in recent years.
  • Excel: Microsoft’s spreadsheet tool that’s perfect for data entry. As with Word, we’ve compared Microsoft Excel versus Google Sheets to help you differentiate the services.
  • PowerPoint: Microsoft’s slide deck creator that we have also compared to Google Sheets.
  • Outlook: Manage your emails in style with Outlook, using great Outlook techniques to stay ahead of your email game.
  • OneNote: Microsoft’s digital note-taking tool.
  • Publisher: A stylized publishing tool that is being phased out of Microsoft 365 subscriptions plans in the next couple of years.
  • Access: Microsoft’s database management system.

The second half is Windows 11 Pro. It’s a lot like your standard Windows 11 Home, but has BitLocker Drive Encryption. This keeps your data and files more secure in the event that your computer (or, more likely, Windows laptop) gets lost or stolen.

To get all of this, all you need to do is follow the button below. The bundle is already made and marked to be sold for $50, which is $378 less than the usual $428. You may need to act quickly, however, as the bundle is set to expire soon.

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