Hurry! AirPods Max just crashed to their lowest price of the year

A viewer uses AirPods Max headphones to experience Spatial Audio on the new Apple TV 4K
Zeke Jones / Digital Trends

Headphone deals don’t get much more exciting than a year-low price for something as highly sought after as the Apple AirPods Max. Normally priced at $549, they’re down to $450 right now at Amazon marking a 2024 low. Even during major sales events, these headphones only usually dip slightly lower, so this is a huge deal. If you’re looking for some exceptional headphones for less, this is your chance. Here’s all you need to know before you hit the buy button.

Why you should buy the Apple AirPods Max

The Apple AirPods Max are best described as the “most fun headphones ever’ which sounds pretty exciting, right? Some of the best headphones you can buy if you’re already invested in the Apple ecosystem, the Apple AirPods Max are a dream to use.

They offer exceptional audio quality with an Apple-designed dynamic driver which provides high-fidelity audio. Its computational audio combines custom acoustic design with the Apple H1 chip and software which leads to a breakthrough listening experience. There’s also Personalized Spatial Audio like that you see on other AirPods. It adjusts to your unique ear shape while combining dynamic head tracking so you get a truly personal and immersive experience. There’s also Dolby Atmos support which is perfect for watching movies with.

These are also some of the best noise-cancelling headphones thanks to exceptional active noise cancellation which blocks outside noise well while still allowing you to interact with what’s important around you.

Thanks to the great design, you could wear the AirPods Max all day. They’re designed with a knit-mesh canopy and memory foam ear cushions so they feel great to wear. They sell out sound well thanks to this. Long battery life of up to 20 hours means you’ll easily be able to wear them throughout the day while the AirPods Max quickly switch between your other Apple devices so it’s a seamless experience every time. We truly adore the AirPods Max thanks to being everything you could need — perfect for music, movies, taking calls, and feeling good on your head.

The Apple AirPods Max are usually $549. As part of an Amazon limited time deal, they’re down to $450 for a limited time only meaning they’re down to their lowest price of the year. Check out the deal now before the price shoots back up.

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