Ecovacs Deebot X2 Combo vs. Dreame X40 Ultra: Which robot vacuum is best for your smart home?

The Ecovacs X2 Combo installed in a home.

The Dreame X40 Ultra and Ecovacs Deebot X2 Combo are both well-rounded robot vacuums. They bring heaps of functionality to your home, including self-cleaning docks, robots that can both mop and clean in a single run, and luxurious designs that blend with most home décor. All that doesn’t come cheap, and you’ll be spending well over $1,000 to get your hands on either robot. That means you’ll want to carefully weigh your options before making such a hefty investment.

From vacuuming and mopping performance to pricing and additional features, here’s a look at the Ecovacs Deebot X2 Combo and Dreame X40 Ultra to help you decide which is best for your home.

Pricing and availability

Ecovacs X2 Combo under a bed.

The Ecovacs Deebot X2 Combo costs $1,600. Part of the appeal of the X2 Combo is its included cordless vacuum, though note that the extension hose and Zero Tangle Power Brush (which convert the unit from a handheld vacuum to a floor vacuum) are sold separately. If you decide to bundle these with your purchase, you’re looking at a retail price of $1,800. Ecovacs frequently discounts its products, so you’ll often see the X2 Combo listed for $1,400 and the X2 Combo Bundle listed for $1,500.

The Dreame X40 Ultra is even more expensive at $1,900. Like Ecovacs, Dreame loves to discount its hardware, so you should expect to pay around $1,500 if you’re patient enough to wait for a price cut. Regardless, the Dreame X40 Ultra is typically more expensive than the X2 Combo, though there’s no denying both are priced like premium devices.

Winner: Ecovacs Deebot X2 Combo


The Dreame X40 Ultra lifting its mops to vacuum.

The Ecovacs X2 Combo packs an impressive 8,700 Pa of suction, allowing it to effectively remove dirt and debris from carpets. Along with the robot vacuum, the unit includes a handheld vacuum so you can tackle places the robot can’t reach — such as stairs or cramped spaces under desks and tables.

The Dreame X40 Ultra is much more compelling with a shocking 12,000Pa of suction. It doesn’t have a handheld vacuum bundled in, but the robot does feature a swinging side brush to better vacuum edges and other tight spaces. Together, the two features make the X40 Ultra a better choice for plush carpets.

Winner: Dreame X40 Ultra


The Dreame X40 Ultra swinging its mop and side brush outward.

Both products use dual rotating mopping pads to clean floors. They also feature docking stations that wash the mops with hot water and dry them with warm air after each cleaning cycle. And while traveling on carpet, both can lift up their mops to avoid getting carpets wet.

However, the Dreame X40 Ultra offers stronger mopping performance, thanks to its innovative “MopExtend RoboSwing Technology.” This nifty feature lets the robot swing its two mopping pads outward to clean closer to baseboards. These swinging mop pads can even clean under furniture, allowing the X40 Ultra to cover more square footage than the Ecovacs X2 Combo.

Winner: Dreame X40 Ultra

Additional features

A person using the cordless vacuum of the X2 Combo.

As you’d expect from devices in this price range, the Ecovacs and Dreame robot vacuums are loaded with additional features. Both products can be programmed to run on a set cleaning schedule via their mobile apps, they boast impressive navigation skills thanks to multiple onboard sensors, and they can empty their dustbin after each cleaning cycle — allowing you to go multiple weeks without having to dirty your hands.

The big advantage in this category goes to the Ecovacs X2 Combo, as its additional handheld vacuum makes it an all-in-one solution for home cleaning. Robot vacuums are becoming more and more capable, but they still struggle with tight spaces (and none have grown legs yet, so you’re still on the hook for cleaning your stairs).

Winner: Ecovacs X2 Combo

Which premium robot vacuum and mop combo is best?

When it comes to pure robot vacuum performance, the Dreame X40 Ultra is the winner. Along with more suction, the device uses its swingable mopping pads and side brush to cover more square footage. That makes it a better choice for most homes, allowing it to better clean under tables, desks, and other furniture, while also getting closer to your baseboards for a thorough cleaning.

By comparison, the Ecovacs Deebot X2 Combo is a bit underpowered. However, the inclusion of a handheld vacuum might make it a good choice for families seeking an all-in-one cleaning station, as having the additional vacuum on hand makes it easy to tackle any areas missed by the robot. It’s also marginally cheaper, though most shoppers will find the Dreame X40 Ultra to be worth the added expense.

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