Everything announced at Google I/O 2024

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Android, Wear OS, Pixel, and more. Google has some of the world’s biggest and most well-known brands under its belt, and Google I/O is its annual software celebration that sets the stage for everything the company has planned for the coming year. This year looks to be no less packed than usual, and the keynote speech at the start of the event is, as always, when we’re likely to see the biggest announcements and news.

Android 15, Wear OS 5, and Google Gemini are at the top of the list of announcements we expect to hear during the Google I/O keynote speech, but as always, keep an eye out for some surprising reveals we weren’t expecting. While unlikely to come as full announcements, we may also hear about the upcoming Google Pixel 9 range and Pixel Watch 3.

Here’s everything announced at Google I/O 2024. Keep checking back often, as we’ll update this article throughout the show as more news comes in.

Gemini AI rules the roost

Google's Ask Photos debut.

It should come as a surprise to no-one that AI is taking center stage at this Google I/O. It seems as if the world has talked about nothing but for this entire last year, and Google has never been a company to ignore a rampant trend like this. Google is fully in its “Gemini era”, according to CEO Sundar Pichai, so expect to see AI touching every part of this year’s announcements.

Over 1.5 million developers use the AI model formerly known as Bard, and Gemini is available to over 2 billion users on Android. AI Overview, Gemini’s integration with the main Google search engine, is coming to the U.S. and other countries soon. Gemini will be added to Google Photos as well, adding extra search abilities through the Ask Photos function. Ask it “what’s my license plate again” and it’ll search through your photos to find the most likely answer, stopping you from needing to manually look through your photos to find it yourself. Ask Photos will launch in the summer.

As you might expect, Gemini will be rolling out to other parts of Google’s portfolio, such as Gmail. Ask it to summarize information from you kid’s school, and it can do that. Notebook LM, spotlighted at last year’s Google I/O, will also have Gemini introduced into it, pushing its AI smarts to even higher levels. During the presentation, we were shown it being asked to break down science using basketball as an example. This sort of personalization for learning is likely to become more prevalent as we move into the future.

Gemini 1.5 Pro will be available for all developers and advanced users from today, in over 35 languages.

Gemini Agents can do it for you

Gemini isn’t just for asking questions to, and Google is working hard to push it beyond simply being a more personable search engine. Agents is a big part of that, and something that Google is experimenting with. The idea at the center of Agents is using AI to, well, do things for you.

In theory, you could send Gemini a picture of a pair of shoes, and tell it you want to return it, and Agents would scramble into action, arranging the entire process for you. This could also be used to plan vacations, work trips, or any needs surrounding those.

Project Astra

Another experimental project for Google is Astra. This ties Gemini into cameras, and allows it to understand and interpret the world around it. In the demo we saw, Astra was able to identify a speaker, break down which part of the speaker made noises, and read code and explain it. Astra could also be used to add AI into a pair of smart glasses, as was shown off in the demo.

Generative AI

Generative AI is the most mainstream AI out there, and Google isn’t ignoring this most important element of AI. Its newest AI model for creating images is called Imagine 3, and Google claims it’s the best model its made so far for creating images with words, but also at understanding prompts.

It’s not just about images too, and Google has been working hard on creating AI models for generating music, and Veo, an AI model that can create some very impressive HD videos. Prompts can be used to edit existing videos, so you don’t need to recreate videos from scratch every time, and the video examples shown definitely look better than most videos created by AI.

These tools can be found in ImageFX and Video FX.

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