Dead By Daylight’s next crossovers include Dungeons & Dragons and Castlevania

Vecna in Dead by Daylight.
Behaviour Interactive

Behaviour Interactive revealed some of the game-changing updates that are coming to Dead by Daylight this year. That includes a new 2v8 mode and crossovers with two iconic franchises.

As was teased last week, Dead by Daylight’s next chapter will be Dungeons & Dragons-themed. It adds Vecna (the D&D version, not the Stranger Things one) as a killer and a Bard named Aestri Yazar as a new survivor. Vecna’s abilities include the self-explanatory Fly, the spectral entity-summoning Flight of the Damned, the Pallet-blocking Mage Hand, and a survivor-revealing area-of-effect attack called Dispelling Sphere.

Yazar’s skills include creating a copy of herself with Mirrored Illusion, rolling a d20 and potentially buffing survivors with Bardic Inspiration, and Still Sight, which lets her see the aura of generators, totems, and chests while standing still. The Dungeons & Dragons chapter also adds a new map called the Forgotten Ruins. It’s populated with chests; to open them, players roll a d20 and can enable a variety of effects depending on the result of their roll.

The 2v8 mode coming to Dead by Daylight in 2024 is just as exciting. At a press conference attended by Digital Trends, Matt Spriggens, design director, says Behaviour wanted to “focus more on the fun aspect of Dead by Daylight and make it more of a party mode” with 2v8. It will support five killers and “most Survivors” when it launches, and will feature its own bigger maps, remove hooks, and introduce a class system to encourage cooperation.

Finally, Behaviour Interactive teased a Castlevania chapter for later this year, although it wouldn’t say much more about it at this time. Dead by Daylight is available now for PC, PlayStation 4, PS5, Xbox One, Xbox Series X/S, and Nintendo Switch.

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