Project 007: release date speculation, trailer, and more

Looking down the barrel of a gun.
IO Interactive

For gamers of a certain age, Goldeneye on the Nintendo 64 was a landmark moment in gaming. This spy-themed shooter was the culprit behind countless sleepless nights and arguments over screen-peeking with friends. Since then, James Bond games never really hit those same highs and even disappeared for over a decade. Now, a new developer has taken up the iconic franchise to make a new 007 game, and the pairing seems almost too good to be true. IO Interactive, fresh off the stellar Hitman trilogy, revealed that it is creating a new James Bond game currently referred to by the code name of Project 007. Details are so scarce that even Bond himself would have a hard time uncovering them, but we’ve compiled all the intel so far on this new title.

Release date speculation

The only thing we know about Project 007 is that it is currently in development, but not even a window was given for when it might be finished. Given the extended length of development games have now, we would predict a release of around 2026 or 2027, but we’d love to be proven wrong and have it end up coming sooner.


No platforms are announced, and unless the game takes even longer than we predict, it is safe to guess that it will at least come to the PlayStation 5, Xbox Series X/S, and PC like previous IO games. It is an independent studio, so there should be no exclusivity with this title.


Project 007 – Teaser Trailer

The only trailer we have is the incredibly brief teaser from 2020. It simply shows a bullet being loaded into a gun’s chamber as the iconic theme begins and we see the classic shot of looking down the barrel of a gun at the logo.

The only other major information available on the official site confirms that Project 007 will be an origin story about Bond earning his 00 status and that it will not be tied to any existing book or film. That means we won’t be playing as any current or former Bond actor, but an entirely new depiction of the spy.


We have no gameplay to work with here, but many fans hope it stays in the style of IO’s Hitman games, which already feel like a natural fit for a Bond game. Being able to use all of Bond’s gadgets in a large and intractable environment like the ones found in Hitman sounds like a perfect formula, but it is possible IO will take it in a different direction.


Sorry, agent, but there’s no preorder intel available just yet. Once we know when we can earn our 00 status, we will brief you on all the details.

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