How to turn off adaptive triggers on PS5

One of the major advancements the PlayStation 5 brought with its new DualSense controller was a new form of haptic feedback. In addition to more dynamic rumble, this included adaptive triggers that could adjust how it felt to pull the triggers to match the action on-screen. This could mean simulating resistance, or stopping the trigger short at different intervals. While novel, it isn’t always great if you want to be playing at your best. The last thing you want is to struggle to fire your weapon in an online first-person shooter. Thankfully, this is an optional feature you can easily disable from your console.

The trigger intensity settings on the PS5.


How to disable adaptive triggers

Both the standard DualSense and premium DualSense Edge come with adaptive triggers on by default. Here’s how to quickly turn them off.

Step 1: Go to your PS5 home screen.

Step 2: Select the Settings menu via the gear icon in the upper right.

Step 3: Scroll down and select Accessories and then Controllers.

Step 4: Select Trigger Effect Intensity and you will have the options to change it to Strong, Medium, or Off.

Step 5: Select Off to completely disable the adaptive triggers.

This change will only apply to the current PS5 controller you are using. If you have multiple controllers, you will need to repeat the process for each one individually.

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