The best State of Decay 2 mods

State Of Decay 2 Review
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You can’t say State of Decay 2 hasn’t gotten more than its fair share of developer support. Not only did it receive plenty of extra content and updates after launch, but it even continues to be worked on years after State of Decay 3 was announced. Being an open-world zombie survival game with tons of RPG and management elements, it wasn’t long before modders saw all the potential there was to tweak, add to, and fully customize this great game to be even better. Modders have done everything from increasing the difficulty to enhancing the immersion with new lighting, so we’ve scavenged the net for only the best State of Decay 2 mods to recommend.

Unlock Developer Menu

The developer menu in State of Decay 2.
Undead Labs

When a game is still being made, developers often include a special menu they can access to change various settings on the fly to test things out. Typically, these menus are then disabled for the full release since they would essentially allow anyone to cheat and break the game. The Unlock Developer Menu mod brings that feature back so you can change all sorts of options with ease. You can think of it like accessing a command menu, only it’s much more user-friendly. With it, you can do things like spawn weapons, zombies, and plague hearts, and add followers and enclaves just by hitting F2. The only thing to be aware of is that not all the functions are enabled, and the modder isn’t planning on fixing them since it was not created by them, only reenabled.

No More Room In Hell

A State of Decay 2 map filled with infestations.
Undead Labs

State of Decay 2 is not an easy game, but once you’ve spent a couple of hours with it,you generally know how to mitigate most dangerous scenarios and how to avoid putting yourself in bad spots. To bring back that sense of fear that was so exciting on your first playthrough, check out the No More Room In Hell mod. This mod really pushes things to the limit by filling the map with the highest level of infestations and Plague Hearts every time you create a new community. That means that no matter how thoroughly you clean the map, it will still be deadly once you establish a new community. If that’s too much, you can choose to have just new infestations or Plague Hearts spawn so things are more manageable.

Vehicles Have 100 Inventory Slots

A vehicle inventory screen in State of Decay 2.
Undead Labs

Inventory management is always an issue in this survival game. You can only carry so much in your backpack, but cars can expand your storage to let you transport more supplies faster. However, the base game’s vehicles have a strangely small inventory capacity compared to what you might realistically think you could cram into a car. The Vehicles Have 100 Inventory Slots probably goes a bit overboard in correcting that issue, but we’re not going to complain about having too much space.

The WWCC Mod

Two police officer outfits in State of Decay 2.
Undead Labs

What mod list would be complete without some type of cosmetic additions? In this case, the WWCC, or Wacky Wonderful Community Closet, mod gives you all the clothing options you could ever want. This one mod adds over 350 new outfits to your closet that are completely new and do not replace or override any of the default outfits. These include tons of helmets, trench coats, military and fancy outfits, and so many more. Plus, an update even adds a slider so you can customize your character’s hair color, making this the definitive fashion mod for the game.

Light-Bright’s Improved Flashlight and Headlights

A flashlight lighting comparison in State of Decay 2.
Undead Labs

Getting stuck out at night in State of Decay 2 is one of the most tense and heart-pounding experiences you can have in this game. Everything is more dangerous when the sun goes down, but the fear can’t quite hit peak levels without the Light-Bright’s Improved Flashlight and Headlights mod. This will make roaming around in the dark with only your flashlight that much more immersive by extending the range and brightness to cast longer shadows and reveal oncoming hordes with a little more warning.

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