Need a cheap soundbar? You can’t beat this $99 LG deal at Walmart

The LG SPM2 2.1-channel soundbar on a white background.

Even a very cheap soundbar may do wonders to improve the audio of your home theater setup. If you’re on a tight budget but you want better sound in your living room, you should check out the LG SPM2 2.1-channel soundbar. From an already affordable original price of $129, it’s down even further to just $99 following a $30 discount from Walmart. Its price may be back to normal as soon as tomorrow though, so if you’re interested you better make your purchase right now to be able to pocket the savings.

Why you should buy the LG SPM2 2.1-channel soundbar

Compared to the best soundbars that you can buy right now, the LG SPM2 2.1-channel soundbar is extremely basic, but it’s going to get the job done if you simply want better audio when you’re watching your favorite shows and movies on your TV. Our guide on how to buy a soundbar explains that as a 2.1-channel soundbar, the LG SPM2 offers two channels — the standard left and right channels — and it comes with a built-in subwoofer that enables extra bass. Other soundbars offer more channels and support surround sound, but they’re much more expensive than the LG SPM2.

The design of the LG SPM2 2.1-channel soundbar makes it look like it costs more than it actually does, as it features wood-tone side panels, a premium fabric wrapping around it, and elevated controls. If you own an LG TV, pairing it with the LG SPM2 2.1-channel soundbar using Bluetooth will be extremely easy, though you also have the option of using an HDMI Arc connection.

In one of the most budget-friendly soundbar deals that we’ve recently seen, you can get the LG SPM2 2.1-channel soundbar for only $99 from Walmart, for savings of $30 on its sticker price of $129. We’re not sure how much time is remaining on this offer though, so you have to make a quick decision on whether to proceed with this purchase. If you think the LG SPM2 2.1-channel soundbar will be an excellent addition to your home theater setup, don’t hesitate in completing the transaction immediately so that you can get it for even cheaper than usual.

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