3 sci-fi movies on Amazon Prime Video you need to watch in May 2024

Several people in a home looking terrified at something in a scene from Coherence.
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There have been some great sci-fi movies released over the last several decades that typically depict a future world or catastrophic event of some kind that wreaks havoc on humans. Some focus on the human condition and are far more cerebral than others, while there are also sci-fi movies that center on incredible visual effects.

If you’re in the mood for a good sci-fi flick, check out Amazon Prime Video. The streaming service has a rotating selection of movies of all kinds, including plenty in that genre. The three sci-fi movies on Amazon Prime Video you need to watch in May before they’re gone include an indie gem, a franchise reboot, and a 1990s dystopian movie about human genetic engineering.

Coherence (2013)

Coherence Official Trailer 1 (2014) – Mystery Movie HD

When a comet passes over and causes a power outage in town, Em (Emily Foxler) and her friends start noticing strange occurrences. Soon, it becomes apparent that the comet may have caused a quantum decoherence, creating split realities in which the group exists in. Anyone who passes through a specific area of dense darkness may end up in the other reality.

A surreal psychological thriller, Coherence marks the directorial debut of James Ward Byrkit, who had previously worked as a conceptual consultant and storyboard artist for several Pirates of the Caribbean movies. Drawing comparisons to The Twilight Zone, Coherence is a fabulous example of quality low-budget filmmaking. CNET’s Jennifer Bisset describes the movie as a “true indie gem” that is “even more unsettling because of its grounded setting.”

Stream Coherence on Amazon Prime Video.

Terminator Genisys (2015)

Terminator: Genisys Official Trailer #1 (2015) – Arnold Schwarzenegger Movie HD

Arnold Schwarzenegger (Fubar) is back as the Terminator in this sci-fi action movie, the fifth in the long-running franchise. The films serves as a reboot and follows a man named Kyle Reese (Jai Courtney), a soldier in the war against Skynet who travels back in time from 2029 to 1984 to prevent Sarah Connor’s (Emilia Clarke) death. But upon his arrival, he learns that Skynet has altered the timeline and Sarah has now been raised by a reprogrammed Terminator.

Terminator Genisys doesn’t have the same flair as the original movies, but there’s no denying fans loved seeing Schwarzenegger reprise the beloved, career-defining character. Love it or not, Terminator Genisys has its high points. The Washington Post’s Michael O’Sullivan says the movie “goes back to what made the franchise work in the first place: not the machine inside the man, but vice versa.”

Stream Terminator Genisys on Amazon Prime Video.

Gattaca (1997)

GATTACA [1997] – Official Trailer (HD) | Now on 4K Ultra HD, Blu-ray and Digital

Ethan Hawke was in his prime when he starred in this dystopian sci-fi movie that marked the feature film directorial debut for Andrew Niccol, who followed up this movie by writing the Oscar-nominated film The Truman Show. Gattaca is about a future world where children are conceived through genetic selection, ensuring they only have the best possible traits from each of their parents. Vincent Freeman (Hawke) was conceived outside of the program, resulting in him being the subject of genetic discrimination due to a faulty heart.

Gattaca tackles important subject matter — including reproductive technologies, human genetic engineering, and the potential consequences of toying with nature — in a unique way. A movie about ethics as much as it is about entertaining, Gattaca did not perform well at the box office, but was praised by critics. Roger Ebert calls the movie one of the “smartest and most provocative of science fiction films, a thriller with ideas.”

Stream Gattaca on Amazon Prime Video.

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