Dish lets you watch cable, Netflix, YouTube, and more in one place

Man watching NFL on Dish.

There are a million streaming services to try these days, with everything from Netflix to Disney having something to offer. Keeping track of all of the bills can be a headache, however, especially for the budget conscious. If you try a ton of services, you might even end up with one that you continue to use but forget to cancel. It would be nice, then, to bundle them all together, from one platform, where you can watch everything side by side. Dish lets you do that with a ton of services, including Netflix, with no special fees. All you need to do is choose add-ons at checkout when you build your bundle. The monthly additional charges for each are clearly displayed and the packages are easy to find, so go ahead and tap the button below to start building your bundle yourself. Or, continue reading for more information and answers to your big questions about switching to Dish.

Why you should try a Dish add-on

Dish add-ons are an optional part of signing up for Dish that makes customizing your package both simple and engaging. No matter what programming you want, you can likely get it from Dish. The premiere add-on has to be Netflix, which gives you the opportunity to pay your Netflix Premium or Netflix Standard bill directly through Dish. Should you like Netflix and want to keep it after you quit Dish, you can, but you’ll have to pay then-current rates for Netflix via their own billing program.

You can also get services like Paramount+ with Showtime from Dish. In fact, the first three months of that service are free and easily found in the ‘Premiums & Movies’ tab of the add-ons selections menu. Other popular add-ons in this category include Cinemax and Starz Encore. Next, check out the ‘On Demand Subscriptions’ tab to get important extras like Discovery+ Ad Free, Fox Nation, and Hallmark Movies Now.

But what about ESPN+? ESPN is not included in sports add-ons. Why? It is a part of the basic channel service lineup. The cheapest Dish plan, America’s Top 120, already includes ESPN and ESPN 2. You don’t need to pay any extra for it. You can, however, take advantage of the ‘Multi-Sport’ plan for just $13 per month to gain access to additional programming such as the NFL Network, NHL Network, Strike Zone, and many more sporting programs that you’re likely to love.