Best 8K TV deals: Samsung and LG starting at $1,899

While the best TVs typically come in at the modern standard 4K resolution, 8K TVs are also on the market, and worth considering if you want to future-proof your home theater setup or simply ensure you’re getting the most resolution possible out of everything you watch. Because they’re less common among shoppers, 8K TVs can be expensive, but there are some 8K TV deals worth shopping out there. They come in at various sizes, often hanging out amongst the best 65-inch TV deals, best 70-inch TV deals, best 75-inch TV deals, and best 85-inch TV deals. And because they’re scattered all over the place, we’ve rounded up the best 85-inch TV deals and organized them below. You’ll find among them savings on 8K TV models by many of the best TV brands, as well as some information on why each might best suit your viewing needs.

Samsung 65-inch QN800C QLED 8K TV — $1,899, was $3,499

The Samsung QN800C QLED 8K TV on a media cabinet in a living room.

Samsung makes some of the most popular TV models on the market, and its QN800C Neo QLED 8K TV is one of its most popular 8K TVs. Its 8K resolution offers 16 times the pixels the Full HD, and it has upscaling technology that makes all imagery look better. This is an important feature, as there’s very little 8K content out there right now, so knowing the TV can convert everything from Full HD to 4K into sharp 8K resolution will make this a worthy investment. You’ll also get plenty of smart features with this TV, including easy access to all of your favorite streaming services.

Samsung 65-inch QN900C Neo QLED 8K TV — $3,000, was $3,500

The Samsung QN900C Neo QLED 8K TV in a living room.

You’ll find a larger model of this Samsung 8K TV on this list as well, but if 65-inches of plenty of TV for you, this one offers a lower price point than the 85-inch model. With this TV you’re getting picture quality that offers superior brightness and high color contrast, both of which come together with the TV’s 8K resolution to produce lifelike images no matter what you may be watching. Smart features include access to your favorite streaming services and the ability to connect directly to online content over Wi-Fi.

Samsung 85-inch QN800C Neo QLED 8K TV — $3,300, was $4,000

The Samsung QN800C QLED 8K TV set up on a media cabinet in a living room.

The QN800C comes in several different sizes, and here the 85-inch model is seeing a pretty substantial discount. It has the same high quality upscaling technology you’ll find in most 8K TVs — which is imperative with very little 8K content floating around right now — as well as an impressive image utilizing QLED picture technology. Despite all of the smart features this TV has to offer, it also has some practical ones, which include a slim design and Anti-Glare with Ultra Viewing Angle technology that makes every seat in the house one of the best places to sit.

Samsung 85-inch QN900C QLED 8K TV — $5,300, was $6,300

The Samsung QN900C QLED 8K Smart Tizen TV on a stand in a living room.

If the size of other 8K TVs isn’t enough for you, perhaps the Samsung 85-inch QLED 8K Smart Tizen TV will do the trick for your home theater. With more than 33 million pixels that provide an incredible sense of depth and clarity, this TV brings four times the resolution of 4K to your home theater. It has a Neural Quantum 8K processor that elevates every image to 8K with multi-layered neural networks, and Quantum Matrix Technology presents a brilliantly intense picture powered by tiny hyper-focused light cells. This TV has all of the great features of a Smart TV, including access to streaming services, making it a great TV to break in with the best new shows to stream on Netflix, Hulu, Max, and more.

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