The incredible 49-inch Samsung Odyssey G9 gaming monitor is $500 off

Front view of Samsung's new QLED Odyssey gaming monitor sitting on desk.

A powerful gaming PC should be paired with an excellent display, so if you’re willing to go all out on monitor deals, you should set your sights on the 49-inch Samsung Odyssey G9 curved gaming monitor. From its original price of $1,300, it’s down to a more reasonable $800 following a $500 discount from Samsung. It’s still not what you’d call cheap, but it’s the screen that you want for an unparalleled PC gaming experience. However, it’s highly recommended that you complete the purchase now because tomorrow may already be too late if you want the savings.

Why you should buy the 49-inch Samsung Odyssey G9 curved gaming monitor

The Samsung Odyssey G9 curved gaming monitor is one of the best gaming monitors that you can buy right now, with a 49-inch screen that features dual QHD resolution and a 1000R curvature for a completely immersive gaming experience. The monitor also offers a 240Hz refresh rate that keeps on-screen movements extra smooth, a 1ms response time that minimizes blur for precise gaming, and support for AMD’s FreeSync Premium Pro that eliminates screen tearing and stuttering.

For additional style, the Samsung Odyssey G9 curved gaming monitor comes with CoreSync technology that projects your game’s colors into the real world, and Core Lighting+ that adds colors to your setup to set the mood for your gaming session. The monitor is also bundled with an ergonomic stand with an adjustable swivel, tilt, and height so that you can set it at the most comfortable viewing position.

Don’t waste the processing power of your gaming PC by sticking to a basic screen. You’re going to need a premium monitor like the 49-inch Samsung Odyssey G9 curved gaming monitor, which you can currently get at $500 off from Samsung. Instead of its sticker price of $1,300, you’ll only have to pay $800, which is still a pretty significant investment but one that we assure you will be worth every penny. If you’re already thinking about what you can use the savings on, you should probably push through with the transaction first because the 49-inch Samsung Odyssey G9 curved gaming monitor may return to its regular price sooner than you think.

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