Is the Google Pixel 8a waterproof?

A render of the Google Pixel 8a with its scree turned on. It's against a light blue background.
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Google’s Pixel A series is an oddball compared to other midrange phones. Besides some mediocre features that fit the price, the A series phones surprisingly share some other attributes with their more premium siblings.

The all-new Google Pixel 8a is alike in this regard and shares such things as the Tensor G3 chip, wireless charging, and seven years of software support from Google. It’s also the first A-series Pixel to get a 120Hz display. But if you’re wondering whether or not the Pixel 8a is waterproof, here’s what you need to know.

Is the Google Pixel 8a waterproof?

A photo of someone holding the Google Pixel 8a.

The Google Pixel 8a — like the Google Pixel 7a — has an IP67 rating, which is just a notch below the IP68 rating of the more premium Pixel 8 and Pixel 8 Pro models. It means it offers a high degree of water resistance and can withstand accidental drops in water, but it’s best not to take it swimming with you.

This is because the “7” in the IP rating represents protection against “temporary immersion in water,” as per the International Electrotechnical Commission (ICE) — the body that rates electronics for IP ratings. Meanwhile, the “6” suggests utmost protection for the inner components from dust and other fine solids. However, it does not guarantee any protection from particles scratching the outer surface.

If you plan to buy the Pixel 8a, you better stock up on a case and screen protector. The phone only gets a Gorilla Glass 3 over the display, while the back lacks any serious protection. This makes the phone prone to scratches and scuffing not only from dust or sand grains, but also from microscopic particles on surfaces where you might inattentively place the phone.

How waterproof is IP67?

Pixel 8A in green with internals exposed.

Technically, an IP67 rating signifies that the Pixel 8a is water-resistant, but not waterproof. More specifically, the rating states that the device can function despite being submerged in water for a maximum of 30 minutes at a depth of up to a meter (roughly 3.28 feet). It should be fine being used in light rain or drizzle, but avoid using it in the shower, especially a hot one.

It is worth noting the ratings are specified for freshwater and may not be as effective in seawater or chlorine-laden water from swimming pools. While your Pixel 8a may usually survive accidentally being dropped in water, especially during activities such as swimming or surfing, it is not recommended to intentionally dunk it underwater if you can avoid it.

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