The best Stardew Valley mods

A bunch of villagers in a flowery field in Stardew Valley.
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After so many years of support, it might feel like there’s nothing left that needs to be added or changed in Stardew Valley. This farming sim lets you live your best life in the quiet countryside with your own farm, NPCs to meet and date, Easter eggs to find, and quests to complete.

Multiple updates have only expanded the number of things to do in a game you could already spend hundreds of hours in. But the developer behind this game is just one person, and even an entire team couldn’t match the output of the entire modding community. Given the meteoric success this game has had and sustained for so many years, there have been hundreds of mods created by passionate fans. These mods can make your humble little farm life feel completely fresh, as well as smooth out a couple of lingering rough edges in the game. We’ve farmed up the absolute best Stardew Valley mods you should try for yourself.

Stardew Valley Expanded

Each major update to Stardew Valley adds a host of new features, but one fan just couldn’t wait and decided to make their own unofficial expansion called Stardew Valley Expanded. Just looking at the feature list of this mod, you could be forgiven for thinking it was a true expansion, or maybe even a sequel. It adds 27 new NPCs, 50 more locations, 27 fish, two new farms, and even updates a couple of existing things. That’s not even mentioning the new music, quests, objects, festivals, and more. The entire thing was made to feel as seamless with the base game as possible, and is intended to give that same feeling of wonder and joy players had when playing the game for the first time.

NPC Map Locations

A map with NPC faces in Stardew Valley.
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The world map in Stardew Valley isn’t super big, but it is complex enough to make wandering around stressful if you’re looking for a specific NPC before a certain time. Each character follows a different schedule, and if you haven’t learned them all, you might spend all day looking for someone. If that doesn’t sound fun to you, NPC Map Locations adds a friendly little icon for each NPC on your map so you know exactly where they are at all times. To accomplish this, the map had to be remade to be more accurate, which is just an added bonus. The map constantly updates as characters move, and you can highlight them to see their names as well.

CJB Item Spawner

An item spawning menu in Stardew Valley.
Concerned Ape

Stardew Valley is more than just a farming sim — it also has a lot of crafting elements as well. To that end, the entire design is meant to have you slowly accumulate more and better materials to make better things. Of course, some of us are a little impatient or have already done the grind enough times and just want to get to the good stuff. The CJB Item Spawner mod lets you access a list of every item in the game from a single button press and spawn whatever it is you need or want. There are multiple ways to sort the items, or you can use a search bar to find exactly what you’re looking for. It is compatible with the most recent version of the game as well, so you can get all the new stuff here as well.

Lookup Anything

Stats about a character named Jesse in Stardew Valley.
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While we are honored to give you guides on some of the more obscure systems and mechanics in games, we do admit that it is a drag to be forced to look for information outside of the game. It completely ruins your flow and grinds your progress to a halt. The creator of the Lookup Anything mod felt the same way and made a massive system in which you can see all the relevant info you want on anything you put your cursor over. This includes how long crops take to grow, structure durability, villagers’ stats and favorite gifts, and tons more. It essentially builds a Wikipedia into the game you can use whenever you’re confused.

Stardewvalley anime mods

Emily talking to the player in Stardew Valley.
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Dating and romance are a big part of the Stardew Valley experience. Each NPC has its little sprite you see walking around, but also a detailed portrait that gives you a better look at their faces. The default NPCs have great designs, but it never hurts to change it up for some variety, especially if you enjoy a more anime-inspired art style. Stardewvalley anime mods simply replaces all the NPC portraits with redone artwork that looks more anime in design. They’re still the same characters and just meant to be a different interpretation of how they look.


An automated furnace in Stardew Valley.
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Running a farm all by yourself is tedious work. There are some better tools and machines you can get to help speed up your daily chores, but a lot of tasks require you to do menial work over and over. When you’ve converted raw materials once, you might as well have done it 100 times. The Automate mod doesn’t add any new machine or tools, but makes it so that any chest you place near a machine, such as a furnace or crystalarium, will automatically feed that machine as many raw materials as it has to convert into the final product and spit it out back into that same chest. It can dramatically cut down on your busy work.

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