The best accessories to use with Delta game emulator

Once Apple opened the floodgates and allowed emulators onto the App Store, Delta was one of the first on the scene. This Nintendo emulator allows you to load up your ROMs for all the classic systems, from the NES and Game Boy to the N64 and DS. With so much nostalgia suddenly available right on your phone, it’s no wonder that Delta has become one of the most downloaded apps on the store. And while the emulator itself is fantastic, none of these games were intended to be played on your iPhone — and more specifically, with the touchpad. Even the old Game Boy games can feel cramped and cluttered when you are blocking parts of the screen with your thumbs, but there are plenty of handy accessories to make your iPhone the perfect platform for Delta games.

Backbone Controller

The Backbone One - PlayStation Edition with no phone inside it.

The Backbone controller has been around for a few years and is the perfect combination of convenience and quality. It easily slides onto your iPhone and adds two thumbsticks, a D-pad, four face buttons, and two pairs of triggers. It’s more than enough for any game you could emulate with Delta. The best part is that it allows you to view your screen with no obstructions so you can fully enjoy your gaming experience.

Razor Kishi Ultra

The Razor Kishi Ultra with genshin impact on the screen.

If you want a more robust option, the Razor Kishi Ultra is the “pro” version of what your Backbone Controller is. It functions the same way — snapping onto your phone to turn it into one solid handheld — but it also works on iPad Minis as well. The quality and build are also generally better on than the Backbone, plus it has a lot more features for playing other mobile games beyond what is on Delta. Finally, it has those awesome RGB lights going on to show just how serious of a gamer you are.

DualSense Edge

A hand holds a DualSense Edge.

It might be a little overkill, and the DualSense works just as well, but if you have the Edge, why not use it? Its extra back paddles give you more options for how you can map your controls to be more comfortable, and the D-pad on that controller is the best out of modern options, which is arguably the most important aspect when playing retro games that use the D-pad as your main movement control. However, you can’t mount your phone to it, so you won’t be able to play on the move so easily. If you don’t have a DualSense already, you can use almost any modern controller on your iPhone, including your Joy-Cons or Pro Controller to stick with that Nintendo feel.

Spigen ArcField Wireless Charging Stand

Spigen OneTap Pro MagFit MagSafe Charging Stand.

If you are going for the DualSense option (or any other traditional controller that has no mount for your phone), then the Spigen Arcfield Wireless Charging Stand pulls double-duty for you. Like any intensive app, Delta can be a huge battery vampire. If you’re going to need a charge anyway, you can kill two birds with one stone by setting it up at the perfect angle to play with your controller and get your charge going at the same time.

Anker Magnetic Battery

Two people using the Anker 622 Magnetic Battery.

To tackle the battery problem head-on, since the entire point of playing games on your phone is that you can do it anywhere, get yourself an Anker Magnetic Battery. While it does double as a stand if you need it, the main appeal is how you can just magnetically connect it to your phone and put your power concerns to bed. Because it is such a slim accessory, it will hardly get in the way or feel heavy or bulky. Do note that you won’t be able to use it at the same time as either the Backbone or Razor Kishi, unfortunately.

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