Ring Pan-Tilt Indoor Cam vs. Ring Stick Up Cam Pro: Which is better for your home?

The Ring Pan-Tilt Indoor Cam is one of the latest products from Ring. It allows users to control the camera remotely, giving them a simple way to see all corners of their home. It’s also much more affordable than the existing Ring Stick Up Cam Pro, which offers plenty of cool features, but can’t pan or tilt.

That makes it difficult to determine which is best for your home. Should you opt for the premium Stick Up Cam Pro, or is the Pan-Tilt Indoor Cam a better option due to its cheaper price tag? Here’s a look at the two security cameras to help you decide.

Pricing and monthly fees

The Pan-Tilt mounted on a wall.

The Ring Pan-Tilt Indoor Cam costs just $80, making it one of the most affordable Ring security cameras. By comparison, the Ring Stick Up Cam Pro is incredibly expensive at $180. Both products rely on Ring Protect Plans, which unlock additional features such as cloud history and snapshot capture. The Basic Plan costs $5 per month, though you’ll get additional features on the Plus Plan ($10 per month) and Pro Plan ($20 per month). Most people will find the Basic Plan is more than enough for their needs, though homes with multiple cameras might want to opt for the Plus or Pro Plans.

Winner: Ring Pan-Tilt Indoor Cam

Design and installation

The Ring Stick Up Cam Pro on display the 2023 Amazon Fall Devices and Services event.
Phil Nickinson / Digital Trends

The Ring Pan-Tilt Indoor Cam looks a bit funky, as it’s essentially a large camera on a stick connected to a circular base. But while it looks strange, this design allows it to pan and tilt to capture 360 degrees of your home. It will also be sold in a range of colors beyond white and black, so you can make it a bit more stylish by opting for a color like blush or starlight. The Pan-Tilt is only available as a plug-in, meaning you’ll need to ensure an outlet is nearby for power. But once it’s plugged in, setup is as easy as syncing it with your mobile device.

The Stick Up Cam Pro is quite large, clocking in at over six inches tall. It’s fairly sleek for its size, however, with a white chassis and black cover around the camera. An all-black model is also available. Unlike the Pan-Tilt Indoor Cam, the Stick Up Cam Pro is available as both a plug-in and battery-powered unit. Once the unit is powered on, setup follows the same process as the Pan-Tilt, with you simply connecting it to your smartphone.

Winner: Ring Stick Up Cam Pro

Resolution and night vision

The Pan-Tilt Indoor Cam Starlight on a shelf.

The Ring Pan-Tilt Indoor Cam films in 1080p and supports color night vision. The Stick Up Cam Pro also films in 1080p and supports color night vision, but it also features HDR — allowing for more vibrant images under harsh lighting conditions.

Winner: Ring Stick Up Cam Pro

Features and spec list

The Ring Pan-Tilt Indoor Cam next to a smartphone.

Both the Pan-Tilt and Stick Up Cam Pro are loaded with additional features. With the Pan-Tilt, you can control the device remotely, and you can spin it in a complete circle to capture 360 degrees of your home. You can even tilt it forward or backward to get impressive 169-degree tilt coverage. The unit also features a speaker and microphone for two-way audio.

While the Stick Up Cam Pro doesn’t pan or tilt, it still gets you a solid 155-degree diagonal viewing angle. What’s most impressive about the camera is its support for Bird’s Eye Zones. This feature gives you an aerial view of your property and provides additional details about where motion was detected and how it approached your home. That makes it great for properties with serious security concerns.

The Stick Up Cam Pro is rated for outdoor use, while the Pan-Tilt is only intended for indoor use.

Winner: Tie

Which is the better security camera?

Both cameras boast impressive specs, and each one is built for very specific scenarios. If you want a robust outdoor camera to protect your home, the Stick Up Cam Pro is the best option. But if you want an indoor camera that’s affordable, yet provides tons of coverage, you can’t beat the Pan-Tilt Indoor Cam.

The Stick Up Cam Pro can certainly be used as an indoor camera, but its hefty price tag and lack of panning and tilting make it less exciting than the newer Pan-Tilt Indoor Cam. And since Bird’s Eye Zones can really only be used outdoors, it doesn’t make much sense to splurge for this camera if you’ll be using it inside.

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