Amazon Prime Day 2024: Amazon confirms the shopping holiday for July

Prime Day graphic with multiple products.
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Amazon has confirmed another Prime Day for July 2024. Exact dates for Prime Day 2024 have not been announced yet. This year marks the tenth anniversary of Amazon’s massive shopping holiday.

After ten years of Prime Day, this confirmation might seem a little obvious, like confirming that Halloween will happen again this year. But the dates for Prime Day shift slightly every year, and sometimes Amazon announces a second Prime Day in the fall. Some recent Prime Days have taken place in late June, so this announcement confirms a later-than-usual date. It’s likely that we won’t know the exact Prime Day 2024 date until a few weeks before it starts, perhaps in mid June.

Amazon’s announcement was light on details. It lists all of the countries that will have Prime Day, which include all of North America, most of Europe, and some of Northern Africa. Because of the later start date, we might see some extra deals on back-to-school gear, such as student laptop deals. A later start date could also complicate dates for a potential second Prime Day, since it would push it closer to Black Friday and Cyber Monday.

Prime Day is a massive shopping holiday for deals hunters. The only requirement for grabbing deals during Amazon Prime Day is that you must have a Prime membership. Prime members get discounts on all major electronics. Be ready for 4K TV deals, laptop deals, and headphone deals. Major brands like Apple and Sony get in the mix, so we get discounts like Apple Watch deals, AirPods deals, and PlayStation deals.

Because other retailers can’t let Amazon get all the action, we’ll see discounts at other electronics stores. Expect competing Best Buy deals and Walmart deals. We’ll keep you updated with all of the best offers across major retailers that week.

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