The best Sea of Thieves Easter eggs and secrets

Rare’s Sea of Thieves is one of the most consistently beautiful-looking games we’ve ever played, with gorgeous, tropical vistas at every turn. In addition to being generally fun and colorful to look at, the world is littered with little secrets and Easter eggs for eagle-eyed players, and there have been dozens of them added over the years. Many of these were made by the developers in tribute to players and community members for particularly memorable deeds or contributions, while others are more personal and honor those lost too soon. We’ve scoured the sea to record some of our favorites.

There are well over 50 Easter eggs across the seven seas so it would be unreasonable to list them all. If you’re curious about seeing everything, plus getting some rewards for finding specific sets, check out the Sea of Thieves wiki here.

Some Rare games

A ship name in Sea of Thieves.

In celebration of Rare’s 35th anniversary, the studio decided to add some cheeky references to some of its past games. These include the nameplate on a ship in Shipwreck Bay with the name “Blackwyche” engraved on it, which was a 1985 game of the same name. On Snake Island, Plunder Valley, and Thieves’ Haven you can find cave paintings for Battletoads, Bajo Kazooie, and Viva Pinata respectively.

The Legend of Glitterbeard

It's nearly a year since my son Jim died. We miss him every day. He worked for @RareLtd, who produce @SeaOfThieves. They commemorate him in the game in "The Legend of Glitterbeard". Please take some time and read about it here;

— Kenton White (@whitey_boy) March 18, 2021

Unlike most Easter eggs, which are meant to be hidden secrets for the community to find and puzzle out what they’re meant to be, The Legend of Glitterbeard is a special case. Rare posted a news article addressing the addition of this Easter egg and its intent since it hit so close to home for the team. This tribute honors James White, an Apprentice Data Analyst at Rare who sadly passed away in March 2020. To see this Easter egg and unlock the special Glitterbeard Commendation, you need to track down and read 22 Glitterbeard Journals. There is also an extra tribute if you find Glitterbeard’s home with a crew and all play the correct instruments in specific spots at a specific time.

I hate snakes!

A drawing of snakes and a skeleton in Sea of Thieves.

A painting of a skeleton surrounded by snakes in Shark Fin Camp honors the crew comprised of Kaidwarth, FOXD11E, omnomcake, and Toyger101 for defeating a Skeleton Fort with nothing but snakes.

Rock and (Rick) roll

A journal in Sea of Thieves.

This journal with legally distinct lyrics to an infamous meme song is a tribute to Chayification who would proudly broadcast a certain song through the trumpet after completing The Hungering Deep. You can find it on The Reaper’s Hideout.

For a dear friend

A package and hat in Sea of Thieves.

A small package below a hat with the label “For Lesleyann” commemorates the player of the same name who gave a PC to her friend undergoing chemotherapy so she would be able to find some relief playing Sea of Thieves. The package is located on Galleon’s Grave Outpost near the Merchant Alliance.

The first death by falling

Will Fulton

IOnEI_Falcon was the first pirate to plummet to their death when falling damage was added, so the developers memorialized the spot with a skeleton’s legs sticking out of the ground and a carving of their name into the stone behind them. See this skeleton corpse below the central peak of Shipwreck Bay near Blackwynche.

Prolific writer skeleton

Will Fulton

Player Diamyo Dorima was an early community member who apparently gave extensive notes to the developers, so they have been honored with a skeleton writing on a long parchment, sitting up against the water tower on Golden Sands Outpost.

Griffin McElroy’s skeleton

Will Fulton

Griffin McElroy took one for the team at E3 2016 when, following Microsoft’s press conference, he ate an unpeeled banana, just like the pirates in the game. His bravery has been commemorated with a skeleton of a man who died from eating bananas on the beach at Marauder’s Arch.

Fizzy Foxy the Pirate Killer

Image used with permission by copyright holder

At Dagger Tooth, you can look around the tavern and find a wanted post for the “Notorious Pirate Killer” Fizzy Fox. Fox was the most murderous pirate in the Technical Alpha session, managing to kill 37 other pirates before the session ended.

The Drinking Spot

Image used with permission by copyright holder

Head to the Drowned Rat Tavern at the Plunder Outpost, and you can see a special plaque at the bar dedicated to ZZ-De-Tox-ZZ for a “Drinking Spot.” This one is a bit more nebulous, but it looks like De-Tox was the player in the Technical Alpha to drink the most grog. We’re guessing they were miles ahead of the competition.

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