How to breed armadillos in Minecraft

Minecraft has added tons of new mobs to the game over the years, both friendly and hostile. These include things like friendly cats and birds, to more obscure picks like bees and axolotls. Every animal serves a purpose, however, including the armadillo. These curious little critters are skittish and can’t be tamed like a normal pet, but they do provide a very useful resource. If you manage to trap a pair, you will want to breed them to get as much as possible, but what does an armadillo even eat? It took us a while to figure it out, but we’ll share the secret with you to breed armadillos.

Two armadillo in Minecraft with hearts.


How to breed armadillos

Almost every animal in Minecraft has a food you can feed it to either tame it or encourage it to breed with another of that same animal. This is what it takes to breed an armadillo.

Step 1: Find an armadillo. These desert creatures can most commonly be found in the Savanna biomes, so start your search there.

Step 2: When you spot one, crouch-walk when you approach it. If you run toward them too fast, you will scare them away.

Step 3: Hold a Spider Eye in your hand to lead the armadillo into a pen with at least one other.

Step 4: Feed your armadillo the Spider Eyes to see hearts rise up out of them to show they will breed.

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