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Another Crab's Treasure
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Despite being a cute entry in the soulslike genre, Another Crab’s Treasure doesn’t hold back on the difficulty level whatsoever. In fact, it’s a punishing experience for newcomers and veterans alike. With that in mind, you’ll want to take advantage of every mechanic available to you to increase your chances of surviving the many dangers lurking beneath the sea. That’s why you’ll want to equip the best Stowaways, this game’s version of accessories, as they can offer meaningful stat boosts and more that can enhance your build more than you would think.

While the best Stowaways for you will depend entirely on your build — be it defensive or offensive, physical or magic-focused — we’ve chosen the ones we think should come in handy for most players.

Note: Many Stowaways have multiple tiers that can be found as you progress through the game, but these improved versions will take up more capacity, so you may have to rework your build to make room for them.

Fruit Sticker

Everyone likes money, and in Another Crab’s Treasure, that comes in the form of microplastics. The Fruit Sticker improves how much microplastic you gain from defeating enemies. This is an invaluable Stowaway to keep around, especially during the early and middle parts of the game, as more microplastics mean you can level up more or purchase useful items from New Carcinia shops.

Sea Cucumber

This one’s simple. Stats are good, and the Sea Cucumber knows that. This straightforward, but handy little Stowaway grants you +3 in all of your stats. It isn’t the perfect choice for every build, but it can be a killer option for anyone focusing on making protagonist Kril an all-arounder.

Shark Tooth

The Shark Tooth is as cool as it sounds, as it improves the damage of your charged attacks, which can be a huge help when it comes to chipping away at the health bars of hulking bosses or elite enemies. Since you’ll also need to use charged attacks to capsize (stun) your foes, you’ll want to be sure you’re giving them a real beating with the help of this Stowaway.

The crab holds an item in Another Crab's Treasure.
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Look, even if your build is highly focused on spellcasting, you’ll have to get up close and personal to earn back Umami, so you’ll want to be able to smack baddies around. The Mussel improves your Attack stat by a pretty decent amount while alos offering a little bit of extra Vitality so that you can beat down foes quicker and take slightly more damage in the process. Knock ’em dead!

Turtle Shell Shard

Defense! Defense! The Turtle Shell Shard will increase your weight, but it also grants you a nice bump to your Resistance stat, which will reduce the damage your shell takes. Since Another Crab’s Treasure’s enemies attack quickly and relentlessly, the game places emphasis on blocking over dodging in many encounters, making this a worthwhile choice for many builds looking to keep their favorite shells around longer.

Another Crab

What’s better than one crab? Two, of course. When you have Another Crab equipped, it will resurrect you upon death and then break. This is obviously incredibly helpful, especially during difficult boss battles or lengthy periods between Moon Snail Shells when healing items start to run low. You’ll find these very rarely in places like clam shells, so save them for when you really need them.

Sand Dollar

Occasionally, you’ll find yourself deep into exploring a new area after having gathered tons of microplastics. However, your heartkelps are exhausted and you haven’t found a new Moon Snail Shell in ages. Let’s face it: You may end up dead. Luckily, having a Sand Dollar equipped will prevent you from losing microplastics upon dying, saving you from having to fret over losing them permanently. Like Another Crab, this Stowaway can be found in various spots throughout the game and will break upon death.

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