All Teddy Bear locations in Fallout 76

A vault dweller playing with their pip-boy.

There’s no shame in admitting that you enjoy the company of a teddy bear in Fallout 76 over the ghouls and mutants. In fact, we would probably prefer spending time finding these cuddly bears than playing with the other players, but these stuffed animals are a rare commodity in the wasteland. Technically, these are classified as a junk item that you can break down for materials, but who would do something like that? These are great display items to make your camp feel more like home, or just another annoying daily task you need to complete. Whatever your motivations are, here is where you can find each of the different teddy bear variations in Fallout 76.

All teddy bear locations

There are 12 different variations of teddy bears that all have a distinct color pattern, name, and value, but are otherwise identical. Like most items, they can be found in a ton of places around the map, but these are the easiest spots to get the one you’re looking for.

Bubblegum Bear

A map of the foundation in Fallout 76.

Our first bear is going to be inside the Foundation. Once inside, go to Ward’s trailer and pick it up off the couch.

Camden Park Bears

A carnival stand in Fallout 76.

There are a trio of bears up for grabs at Camden Park, which makes sense as it was a former amusement park. Go through the gates and turn right to the Dross Toss game. You can spot these three bears hanging from the stand as prizes, but you can just walk up and take them for free. The three bears you can get here are the Quantum Bear, Comrade Chubs, and Lil’Ginger Snuggles.

Palace of the Winding Path bears

Three teddy bears lying on top of each other in Fallout 76.

There’s another set of three bears to collect, but this time over in the Palace of the Winding Path. Go in and start walking on the wooden bridges connecting the towers over the water. Find the highest tower and make your way there. Inside, there will be three bears stacked on top of one another, including the Stuffed Grizzly, Stuffed Polar Bear, and Imported Chinese Panda.

Pristine Bear

A teddy bear in a train station in Fallout 76.

For the most well-preserved teddy bear in the wasteland, go to Charleston Station, and the Pristine Bear will be hanging out on one of the benches waiting for a train.

Dirty Old Teddy Bear

A dirty old teddy bear on a table in Fallout 76.

The only reliable place to find this ratty old bear is down in the Burrows. You need to go all the way to the door leading to the market but stop just outside and look on the table beside it with a paint can and roll of toilet paper.

Tyler County Fairgrounds bears

A map to the fairgrounds in Fallout 76.

The final set of bears are all in or around the Tyler County Fairgrounds. First, the Radbear is located on the outskirts of the fair in the large wooden shack on a table next to a pumpkin and cauldron.

The Bumblebear is located by the giant slide on the east end of the park. Climb up, and this bear is sitting at the top of the first slide next to the stairs.

At the center of the park is a Nuka-Cola rocket with some bobbleheads and bottles on a table beside it. Look under the little podium to find the Teddy Fear hiding out.

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