NYT Mini Crossword today: puzzle answers for Saturday, April 13

Love crossword puzzles but don’t have all day to sit and solve a full-sized puzzle in your daily newspaper? That’s what The Mini is for!

A bite-sized version of the New York Times’ well-known crossword puzzle, The Mini is a quick and easy way to test your crossword skills daily in a lot less time (the average puzzle takes most players just over a minute to solve). While The Mini is smaller and simpler than a normal crossword, it isn’t always easy. Tripping up on one clue can be the difference between a personal best completion time and an embarrassing solve attempt.

Just like our Wordle hints and Connections hints, we’re here to help with The Mini today if you’re stuck and need a little help.

Below are the answers for the NYT Mini crossword today.

NYT Mini Crossword answers today

NYT The Mini Crossword logo.
New York Times


  • “Wow, what are the ___?” – ODDS
  • Trippy fungus, informally – SHROOM
  • Kind of comedy at a comedy club – STANDUP
  • Continuously remind – NAG
  • The Diamondbacks, on scoreboards – ARI
  • White covering on a mountain – SNOWCAP
  • Yoga teacher’s instruction – INHALE
  • Roughly half of babies, to their parents – SONS


  • Shohei ___, baseball player who signed the biggest contract in pro sports history (10 years, $700 million) – OHTANI
  • Creatures symbolized on mah-jongg tiles – DRAGONS
  • Actor Cheadle – DON
  • Coca-Cola container – SODACAN
  • Tax form IDs, for short = SSNS
  • Paintings on city buildings – MURALS
  • Plumber’s tube – PIPE
  • One of journalism’s “five W’s” – WHO

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