How to set up the Blink Mini 2 as a chime

If you’ve been shopping for an affordable security camera that’s packed with useful features, the Blink Mini 2 should check all the right boxes. Along with serving as both an indoor or outdoor camera, the tiny device can double as a chime for your smart doorbell. There are a few limitations to the feature, but as long as you’re using a Blink Video Doorbell, you should have no problem linking the two devices together.

Need help with the process? Here’s how to use your Blink Mini 2 as a chime for your Blink Video Doorbell and receive alerts when someone is at your front door.

The Blink Video Doorbell is an affordable option for home security.


How to use the Blink Mini 2 as a chime

Once you’ve linked the Blink Mini 2 with your Blink Video Doorbell, the camera will play a chime sound from its speaker. This is incredibly useful for all homes, but it’s also a great way to save money as it prevents you from having to buy a standalone chime for the doorbell. With both products installed, here’s how to get your Blink Mini 2 working as a chime.

Step 1: Whether you’re using a Sync Module 2 or not, ensure the Blink Mini 2 and Blink Video Doorbell are connected to the same account and are on the same system.

Step 2: Tap the More button on the Blink Video Doorbell’s thumbnail.

Step 3: Select Device Settings, then Doorbell and Chime Settings.

Step 4: Next, tap the Use Blink Mini Camera as Chime.

Step 5: This will pull up a list of all the Blink Mini devices that are installed in the same system as your Blink Video Doorbell. Select the Blink Mini 2 you want to use as the chime. Note that multiple cameras can be selected.

Step 6: Press Save.

Step 7: That’s it! Your Blink Mini 2 will now chime when the Blink Video Doorbell rings.

The Blink Mini 2 placed on two books.


How to customize the Blink Mini 2 chime settings

Once your Blink Mini 2 is configured to work as a chime, you’ll gain access to a few additional settings you can tinker with.

Step 1: Tap the More button on the Blink Video Doorbell thumbnail.

Step 2: Select Device Settings, then Audio Settings.

Step 3: This will open a menu with options for Speaker Volume and Mini as a Chime Volume. The former lets you adjust the speaker volume of your camera, while the latter changes the volume of the chime that plays when your doorbell rings.

Blink Mini 2 chime troubleshooting

Getting the Blink Mini 2 and Blink Video Doorbell linked is usually a simple process, but there are a few pitfalls to be aware of. For one, you’ll need to make sure the two are running on the same system. When you first add your devices to the app, you’ll be asked to create a new system or add it to an existing system. If you accidentally installed the devices on different systems, you can simply delete the device and go through the install process again – this time choosing to install it on an existing system.

You’ll also want to make sure you check the volume of your chime, as turning it too low could prevent you from hearing it when the doorbell rings. Aside from those two issues, you shouldn’t encounter any problems getting this unique feature to work. If you do, consider reaching out to Blink for more extensive troubleshooting.

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