All items in Content Warning: gadgets, lights, and more

In order to make the best viral video possible in Content Warning, you need the proper equipment. Once you and your crew of friends go down into the Old World, all manner of spooky monsters and events will start popping off, but you only have so much air and battery life to get the best shots. Each video you post to SpookTube earns you cash to invest in better items to catch even scarier stuff on tape next time, but not all the items are very clear in how they will help you rack up the views. These items can get quite pricy, so save up that ad revenue and check out what all the items are in Content Warning before quitting your job to be a full-time SpookTuber.

All items in Content Warning

The shop in Content Warning.
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Items are broken up into five different categories in Content Warning. There are Lights, Medical, Gadgets, Emotes, and Music to buy, with different options within each section. Here are all the items, what they do, and how much they cost:


Each light is a raw upgrade over your base flashlight in terms of lighting and power.

  • Old Flashlight – $20
  • Flare – $40
  • Modern Flashlight – $150
  • Long Flashlight – $200
  • Modern Flashlight Pro – $500
  • Long Flashlight Pro – $600


  • Hugger – $100. This gives you the ability to hug a co-op partner to heal them.
  • Defibrillator – $300. If (when) a friend goes down, you can use this item to bring them back to life.


These items help increase the spookiness factor of your videos and boost your view count, or could even save your life.

  • Boom Mic – $100. With better sound quality, you can catch the sounds of monsters from further away, players can get much better audio, and it is able to pick sounds from far away.
  • Clapper – $100. This old filming device is mainly there to break the tension. Sometimes, you need to break up the spooks with a little humor to increase your views.
  • Goo Ball – $150. Toss one of these sticky balls at a monster to hold it down long enough to get the perfect shot.
  • Shock Stick – $400. If a monster is getting a little too friendly, give it a swift zap to stun it for a second so you can run away.

Emote/ Emote 2

Pulling off a cool pose or trick while filming helps you stand out and increase your viewership.

  • Applause – $100
  • Confused – $120
  • Workout 1 – $150
  • Dance 103 – $300
  • Dance 102 – $400
  • Dance 101 – $500
  • Backflip p1 – $600
  • Gymnastics – $800
  • Caring – $50
  • Ancient Gestures 3 – $80
  • Ancient Gestures 2 – $220
  • Yoga – $500
  • Workout – $750
  • Thumbnail 1 – $800
  • Thumbnail 2 – $900
  • Ancient Gestures 1 – $1,000


We imagine adding a soundtrack to your video will be another way to get more engagement, but the music shop is currently empty! If something does show up here to buy in the future, we’ll list it all out for you.

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