5 things we want to see in Star Wars: The Acolyte

Dafne Keen as Jecki in Star Wars: The Acolyte.
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Star Wars: The Acolyte aims to be one of the more unique additions to the Star Wars universe. This upcoming series will give audiences their first look into the world of the Jedi during the age of the High Republic. Specifically, it will follow the Jedi near the end of this era as they investigate a string of crimes that will have them uncover evil forces brewing in the shadows.

Due to the open-ended nature of this piece of Star Wars history, fans can only imagine what The Acolyte will add to the franchise. But until it premieres, here’s hoping the show will feature these five things in its first season.

The Jedi-Sith War

A collage of characters in "Star Wars: The Old Republic" promo art.
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While The Acolyte is supposed to occur during the High Republic Era, the implication that the Sith are the show’s villains gives the writers and characters a chance to explore the Jedi’s long and bloody history with their sworn enemies. Specifically, the series could present a history lesson in which the Jedi and the Sith wage war on each other during the fall of the Old Republic, resulting in the latter’s near-extermination.

This sequence could play out like the opening scene in The Lord of the Rings: The Fellowship of the Ring, in which the Elves and humans fight against Sauron. Such a grand and momentous scene would make for a terrific lead-in to the battles to come against the Jedi’s ancient foe. It should also please fans who are anxiously waiting for an adaptation of the classic video game Knights of the Old Republic.

The Nightsisters

The Great Mothers in "Ahsoka."
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The Nightsisters of Dathomir have grown increasingly prominent in the Star Wars universe. With shows like The Clone Wars, Rebels, and Ahsoka, this group of sorcerers has had as big a role in shaping the history of the galaxy as the Jedi and the Sith.

Since Jodie Turner-Smith does reportedly star in The Acolyte as the leader of a group of Force witches, it is possible that the Nightsisters will make an appearance and that they will conspire with the Sith to take down the Jedi in secret.

Darth Tenebrous

Darth Tenebrous from Star Wars.
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Though Disney’s acquisition of the Star Wars franchise has rendered the Star Wars Expanded Universe non-canon, there have been some notable exceptions to this ruling, as iconic characters like Grand Admiral Thrawn have been adapted for film and TV. Though Darth Tenebrous isn’t that popular, Disney could revitalize his character by making this Sith Lord the secret villain of The Acolyte.

In the old canon, Tenebrous is a unique member of the Sith Order, having used his resources and knowledge of the Force to try to predict and shape the future. He even attempted to construct a virus to cut off the Jedi’s connection to the Force. Since this Sith Lord was supposed to be alive during the time that The Acolyte is set in, Disney could integrate old canon into the franchise by having Tenebrous orchestrate the story’s events from behind the scenes.


Yoda in :Star Wars: Episode V--The Empire Strikes Back."
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Since The Acolyte is said to have taken place 100 years before The Phantom Menace, there is the possibility that Yoda at least makes a cameo appearance in the series. He was already 900 years old in Return of the Jedi, so audiences might get to see more of the Grand Master in his prime as he led the Jedi during the High Republic era.

His character may not be on the show’s cast list right now, but Disney might be building up to have Yoda make a grand entrance like Luke Skywalker did in The Mandalorian. Who wouldn’t want to see the little green alien swoop in and save the day?

Darth Plagueis

Art of Darth Plagueis from Star Wars.
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Darth Plagueis has long been a significant figure in the Star Wars fandom, and he has yet to even show his face in film or television. As the Sith master of Emperor Palpatine, Plagueis taught his apprentice everything he knew about the Force as he tried to unlock the secret of eternal life. But since Palpatine had murdered his mentor in his sleep, audiences never got to see the mysterious Sith Lord on-screen (no one even knows what he looks like in Disney’s new canon for the franchise).

At last, Disney has the chance to show Plagueis in action as he attempts to take down the Jedi and claim immortality. Though Palpatine wasn’t alive when this story takes place, this only gives Plagueis more room to show he’s such a fearsome and vital character in Star Wars.

Star Wars: The Acolyte premieres on June 4 on Disney+.

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