The best shows on Apple TV+ right now (April 2024)

Colin Farrell sitting behind the wheel of a car in the series Sugar on Apple TV+.
Apple TV+

Apple TV+ has been hitting it out of the park with its original series of late. There are so many great ones that date back to the launch of the streaming service, like The Morning Show. There are shows introduced in the last few years, like Severance and Silo. You’ll also find brand new ones like Masters of the Air and, this month, Sugar starring Colin Farrell. With so many great new shows still to come in 2024, along with popular series returning with new seasons, Apple TV+ is one of the best streaming TV investments you can make this year.

Once you have signed up for a subscription on its own or as part of Apple One (or if you already have one) and are curled up to watch, it’s decision time. We have curated this list of the best shows on Apple TV+ right now. So many of these shows make our favorites lists, and each one has something unique to offer depending on your mood, taste, and time investment.

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