Dell’s new XPS 14 laptop just got an unprecedented price cut

The Dell XPS 14 open on a wooden table.
Luke Larsen / Digital Trends

Here’s one of the most unexpected laptop deals that you can shop right now — Dell’s $210 discount on the recently released Dell XPS 14. Instead of $1,759, you’ll only have to pay $1,549 for this machine. We expect this offer to generate a lot of interest because you won’t always see a price cut for a new model this soon, but that also means time may already be running out for the bargain. If you don’t want to miss out on the savings, you’re going to have to proceed with your purchase as soon as possible.

Why you should buy the Dell XPS 14

Following the Dell XPS reset, the Dell XPS 14 is one of the latest models of the popular line of laptops. As its name implies, the laptop features a 14.5-inch Full HD+ screen, which is large enough to clearly see the details of your projects and to enjoy streaming shows while keeping it portable. It’s powered by the Intel Core Ultra 7 processor, Intel Arc Graphics, and 16GB of RAM, while offering ample storage space in its 512GB SSD that ships with Windows 11 Pro pre-installed.

In our comparison of the Dell XPS 14 versus Dell XPS 16, which is the other new model in the Dell XPS lineup, we recommend the Dell XPS 14 if its performance is enough for your needs, as it’s more affordable and easier to carry around. Meanwhile, between the Dell XPS 14 versus Apple MacBook Pro 14, the advantages of Dell’s laptop include a more modern design with a seamless haptic feedback trackpad, a webcam in its tiny top bezel that takes videos that look more natural, and access to the best PC games as a recreational activity.

If you think the Dell XPS 14 is perfect as your next laptop, you wouldn’t want to miss Dell’s $210 discount for this version of the device that originally costs $1,759. You’ll only have to pay $1,549 for one of the latest models of the popular Dell XPS line, which is a steal considering all the benefits that you’ll get from this laptop. You’re going to have to hurry in completing your transaction though, because we’re not sure until when this offer for the Dell XPS 14 will remain online.

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