Usually $500, this 70-inch 4K TV is discounted to $430 at Best Buy

Inisgnia F30 50-inch 4k Smart TV in living room.

The 70-inch Insignia F30 Series 4K TV, which is already pretty cheap at its sticker price of $500 for its massive size, is currently available from Best Buy for an even more affordable price of $430. If you’ve been searching for TV deals that will upgrade your home theater setup without breaking the bank, this offer is probably what you’ve been looking for. You’re going to have to hurry in completing your transaction though — if you take too long, you may miss out on the savings of $70.

Why you should buy the 70-inch Insignia F30 Series 4K TV

The Insignia F30 Series 4K TV promises lifelike details and vivid colors on its 70-inch screen with its 4K Ultra HD resolution and High Dynamic Range, so you’ll be enjoying your favorite shows and movies even more on this massive display. The TV also supports DTS Studio Sound, which creates realistic audio, and HDMI ARC and eARC connectivity for improved connectivity with the latest soundbars and receivers. If you want to feel like you’re watching at the cinemas while in the comfort of your own home, you can’t go wrong with the 70-inch Insignia F30 Series 4K TV — though you’ll have to check if you have ample space for it by consulting our guide on what size TV to buy.

The best TVs are all smart TVs that provide access to streaming shows, and you can get the same benefit with the 70-inch Insignia F30 Series 4K TV through Amazon’s Fire TV. The platform also enables compatibility with Amazon’s Alexa for voice commands, as well as with Apple’s AirPlay so that you can share videos and photos to the TV’s huge screen.

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For a cinematic experience with your own home theater setup without spending a fortune, you should think about upgrading your screen to the 70-inch Insignia F30 Series 4K TV. It’s already affordable for its sticker price of $500, but Best Buy s currently selling it for an even lower price of $430, for $70 in savings. We’re not sure how much time is remaining before this deal expires though, so if you’re interested, add the 70-inch Insignia F30 Series 4K TV to your cart and proceed with the checkout process immediately.

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