How to turn on item auto-pickup in Rise of the Ronin

Rise of the Ronin is structurally a very different game from Team Ninja’s previous series, Nioh. This new game not only features a new story, but a full open world as opposed to smaller stages to navigate. The games do share two main components: challenging combat and tons and tons of loot. Between all the materials you can snag while roaming the countryside and drops from fallen enemies, you will be collecting hundreds of items every hour. While mission rewards are automatically added to your inventory by default, normal items are not and require a button press to collect. Luckily, you can enable an auto-pickup option despite the game never telling you about it.

The Rise of the Ronin settings menu.
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Team Ninja

How to turn on auto-pickup

The auto-pickup option does exactly what it sounds like. So long as you are within range where you would be given the prompt to pick up an item, your character will do it without you needing to press a button. Here’s how to turn it on.

Step 1: Open your menu.

Step 2: Go into Settings and select * User Accessibility*.

Step 3: Scroll down to the Control Assist section and find the Auto-pickup items option.

Step 4: Toggle it to On.

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