AnkerWork S600 is not just a speakerphone, it’s multifunctional of voiceprint recognition

Man using AnkerWork S600 speakerphone

The modern work world has changed. Even with companies forcing a return to the office, many are working remotely from home or balancing a hybrid schedule, bouncing back and forth between the office and home. However, one aspect that hasn’t changed much is the technology we use to facilitate our business dealings and communications. Community conferencing calls and video tools are still the same frustrating experiences they’ve always been, and while you can blur the background of a video call, sometimes there are just too many distractions that get in the way. AnkerWork’s S600 speakerphone aims to change that in a truly interesting and innovative way: voice recognition technology, which they aptly refer to as “voiceprint recognition.”

The AnkerWork S600 is the world’s first speakerphone with voiceprint recognition, but what’s more intriguing is how the technology is being used. By utilizing acoustic algorithms and an onboard NPU chip for local real-time computations, the system accurately recognizes target human voices and can eliminate auxiliary ones. In other words, it can recognize your voice and trim background noise, particularly the voices of others — like your kids talking in the background when you’re at home. It can successfully block unexpected voices to spare you from embarrassment during important calls and meetings while also keeping your home and family life more private. No one on the call gets to hear your personal business, even during unexpected or pop-up meetings.

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AnkerWork S600: Going beyond a traditional speakerphone

User holding up AnkerWork S600 speakerphone

For starters, this is a speakerphone device. The 5-watt built-in speaker and 360-degree sound dispersion deliver rich, clear audio and acoustics, ensuring they fill the surrounding room. A dual passive radiator design adds to the audible experience, enhances low-frequency response, and provides a deep, punchy bass element. Plus, you’re in full control with the smart dual equalizer mode, so you can adjust tones as needed, whether for work or play.

A unique phone stand at the top offers adjustable viewing angles up to 70 degrees so you can mount your phone and still see what’s happening on screen, keeping your hands free. That’s perfect if you’re on a video call and you’re using the camera as a stand-in webcam. But it also doubles as a 15-watt Max Qi2 magnetic wireless charger, offering wireless rapid charging for any connected and compatible phones. Altogether, it’s a versatile tool that helps boost productivity by giving you a lot of practical options.

AnkerWork S600 is multifunctional

AnkerWork S600 speakerphone with smartphone mounted

The locally stored voiceprint recognition data and functionality can hone in on your voice, specifically including your unique vocal characteristics. Those extra voices and sounds, dubbed “non-target voices,” are scrubbed from the call, and it’s all done locally, meaning no information or data is sent to the cloud. Inherently, that means it’s better secured than alternatives, offering a near-effortless and worry-free experience even when you’re discussing incredibly sensitive information with partners or colleagues.

Between the local real-time voiceprint recognition, non-target voice elimination, and its all-in-one speakerphone design, complete with wireless charging and a dual-purpose speakerphone for media playback and conferences, the AnkerWork S600 isn’t just one of a kind; it’s a veritable powerhouse. During meetings or calls, you get peace of mind as the background noise is eliminated, including unwanted voices, while also benefiting from the exceptional audio clarity and extra features — like the option to wirelessly charge your phone. By all rights, the S600 also makes your work or desk area tidier by removing wire clutter from chargers.

Available today on, the AnkerWork S600 starts at a reasonable price of $99 for super early bird pricing. If you’re not that early, don’t fret because the standard early bird price is $114, which isn’t too much higher. We highly recommend taking a look if you’re interested, background noise be damned.

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