The best feel-good movies on Netflix right now

Sophie singing in her balcony in Mamma Mia!
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There are thrillers and rom-coms galore on Netflix, but feel-good movies are a little harder to pin down to a single genre. That’s because almost anything, from a drama or a comedy to a documentary, can be a feel-good movie. It has more to do with the response that the film gets from viewers than it does with the subject matter. And it often means more than just promising a happy ending because, in life, we have too few of those.

Our latest roundup of the best feel-good movies on Netflix includes the independently produced animation/live-action flick Marcel the Shell With Shoes On, the rom-coms Love At First Sight and Mamma Mia!, as well as a documentary that lives up to its title: The Greatest Night In Pop. And we have even more options for you below.

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