LG sweetens the deal on its new CineBeam Q projector

The LG CineBeam Q projector.
Caleb Denison / Digital Trends

If you missed out on the $100-off coupon for the new LG CineBeam Q projector (previously known as the CineBeam Qube), fear not. LG has some other sweeteners in play for the 4K projector. And you have a few weeks to take advantage.

If you preorder it now for $1,299, LG will toss in a free XBoom 360 portable speaker — you’ll have to order the two together — a free leather case, and a $200 Mastercard prepaid card. The deal is good now through April 7, 2024. The CineBeam Q is expected to start shipping one day later.

We haven’t had a whole lot of time with the CineBeam Q as yet, but what we’ve seen has been fairly impressive given the price and the projector’s size. Using an RGB laser, the CineBeam Q is able to project up to a 120-inch image at 4K resolution, with a 450,000:1 contrast ratio. As we’ve previously noted (and as you’ve no doubt surmised by the price and the size), brightness won’t break any records at just 500 lumens. So you’re not going to be using the CineBeam Q in the full sunlight or anything. But in a relatively dim room, it’s done just fine.

A pair of LG XBoom 360 portable speakers.
A pair of LG XBoom 360 portable speakers. Phil Nickinson / Digital Trends

You’re also not likely to use the CineBeam Q outdoors because, despite its small stature and built-in handle, it’s lacking a battery. So wherever you take it, it’ll have to be plugged in for power. That’s not to say you can’t take it outside and toss up a sheet for movie night — you’re just going to have to work a little harder for it.

Otherwise, it’s business as usual. The CineBeam Q is powered by LG’s webOS operating system, which gets you pretty much all the streaming apps you could want. That also means it supports Chromecast and ScreenShare, so long as everything is on the same wireless network.

Other specs of note: The CineBeam Q weighs just 3.3 pounds and has a built-in 3-watt speaker. (So definitely take advantage of that free XBoom 360 deal.) It supports HD 10 and HLG on the high dynamic range front, and the 1.2 throw ratio puts the image sweet spot at 80 inches from 7 feet away, or 100 inches from 8.7 feet away.

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