When will Final Fantasy 7 Rebirth be on PC?

PlayStation 5 players have been raving about the second part of the FF7 remake project Final Fantasy 7 Rebirth. As with the first part, it was made clear well in advance that this game would be a PlayStation exclusive at launch, however, we did eventually get Remake of the first part on PC around a year later. This gives PC players hope that the same treatment will be given to Rebirth, but the big question becomes how long will we have to wait this time? Is it possible to see it come to PC storefronts faster than its prequel, or will we need to bide our time avoiding spoilers for months on end? Here’s our best estimate as to when you can expect to see Final Fantasy 7 Rebirth on PC.

What is the Final Fantasy 7 Rebirth PC release date?

Aerith prays in FInal Fantasy 7 Rebirth.
Square Enix

The sad fact of the matter is we don’t have an official release date for Final Fantasy 7 Rebirth on PC or any other platform at this time. But there is reason to at least hope that the wait won’t be as long this time around. Our only clue is that the marketing for Rebirth states that it is a PlayStation 5 exclusive until at least May 29, 2024. That’s exactly three months after its initial release.

We don’t expect a PC release to happen on June 1 because odds are the team will need more than that amount of time to port the game, so we would expect the wait to be closer to six months or more. Once that exclusive window is up, Square Enix can at least start informing players about its plans to bring it to PC, so look out for news starting in June.

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