Blink Mini 2 vs. Nest Cam (Indoor): Which is the better affordable security camera?

The Blink Mini 2 and Google Nest Cam (Indoor) are two of the best budget security cameras on the market. They both cost less than $100, are easy to set up, and are packed with features despite their low price. You can’t go wrong adding either to your home, but there are some key differences to understand if you’re looking to get the best security camera for your property.

From pricing and ongoing fees to resolution and more, here’s a comprehensive look at the Blink Mini 2 and Nest Cam (Indoor) to help you decide which is the better security camera for your smart home.

Pricing and monthly fees

The Blink Mini 2 on a bookshelf.
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The Blink Mini 2 costs just $40, though it can be bundled with the Weather Resistant Adapter for outdoor use for an extra $10. You’ll need to pick up a Blink Subscription Plan to unlock useful features like video history and Person Detection, with plans starting at $3 per month.

The Google Nest Cam (Indoor) regularly costs $100, though it’s often discounted to $80. Like the Blink Mini 2, you’ll need to pick up a monthly subscription to access features such as video history and smart alerts. The subscription, Nest Aware, is quite a bit more expensive than the Blink Subscription Plan, with membership starting at $8 per month.

Winner: Blink Mini 2

Design and installation

Google Nest Cam Indoor Wired on table.
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Setting up these two products is incredibly simple. They’re both wired, meaning you’ll need to have an electrical outlet nearby, but it also means you won’t have to recharge batteries constantly. Once the devices are plugged in, you’ll just need to sync them with their companion mobile apps.

Both products are easy on the eyes, especially considering their low prices. If you need something streamlined and compact to fit on a crowded countertop, the Blink Mini 2 is a better option, as it’s nearly half the size of the Nest Cam (Indoor).

However, the Nest Cam is available in a wide variety of styles, some of which are much more attractive than the basic Blink Mini 2. This includes models with a wooden stand and camera chassis that are blue, tan, white, or brown. If you want something that looks nicer than your standard security camera, you can’t go wrong with the Nest Cam (Indoor).

Winner: Nest Cam (Indoor)

Resolution and night vision

The Blink Mini 2 installed outside.

Both security cameras film in 1080p, which looks fine on most smartphone displays but falls behind other products that now offer 2K and 4K resolutions. But when you consider their price tags, the two cameras offer a good value. The Blink Mini 2 also supports color night vision when its built-in spotlight is enabled. If the spotlight isn’t enabled, it’ll film in black and white. The Google Cam (Indoor) doesn’t use color night vision, instead capturing black-and-white footage in the dark.

Blink Mini 2 also wins the viewing angle competition, thanks to a 143-degree diagonal compared to 135 degrees on the Nest Cam. That means you’ll see a larger portion of your home with the Blink Mini 2, allowing you to capture entire rooms with a single camera.

Winner: Blink Mini 2

Features and spec list

Google Nest Cam Indoor Wired on table.
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The Blink Mini 2 features Person Detection, allowing you to customize your motion alerts and eliminate unwanted push notifications. The Nest Cam (Indoor) takes this even further, offering people, vehicle, and animal detection. It also supports HDR for improved clarity when filming in locations flooded with light and is available in a wide range of colors and patterns.

There are a few features that are exclusive to the Blink Mini 2, including a built-in spotlight and support for outdoor use, but neither are quite as compelling as the premium features on the Nest Cam. It’s also worth noting you’ll need the Weather Resistant Adapter to take the Mini 2 outside, which makes it a bit more expensive.

Winner: Nest Cam (Indoor)

Which is the better security camera?

Picking a winner between these two cameras is difficult. One is half the price of the other, while the more premium camera is better-looking and comes with more features. But if you’re looking for a no-frills camera to monitor your property, the Blink Mini 2 is likely the better option. Not only is it just $40, but its support for Person Detection and wider viewing angle makes it a great companion for all homes.

If smart alerts are important to you, however, consider stepping up to the Nest Cam (Indoor). Its support for person, vehicle, and animal detection is incredibly useful for some households, and coupled with its great design, it’s clearly built to be a cut above the Blink Mini 2. We’re not sure all homes will get enough out of these features to warrant its increased price tag, but be sure to consider it if you want something that feels a bit more premium than the Blink Mini 2.

But for everyone else, the Blink Mini 2 is a well-rounded security camera that hits all the basics without carrying an inflated price tag.

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