Eufy sale: Get up to $420 off home security camera bundles

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You should always be looking for opportunities to improve your home’s security, so you wouldn’t want to miss the offers in Eufy’s sale of home security camera bundles. With discounts of up to $420, these bundles will let you monitor several areas so that you can always make sure that your family and your home are safe. Eufy security cameras are easy to set up and are packed with helpful features such as facial recognition for your family members, compatibility with voice assistants like Amazon’s Alexa and Google Assistant, two-way audio to speak with visitors, and real-time viewing through the Eufy Security app. Feel free to look at all the security camera deals that are available in Eufy’s sale, but you need to make your purchase as soon as possible as these prices may not last long.

What to buy in Eufy’s sale of home security camera bundles

If you want to take advantage of the largest discount in Eufy’s sale of home security camera bundles, check out this package that includes four units of the EufyCam 3C that can take videos at 4K Ultra HD resolution plus a 1TB hard drive to store recorded footage. From its original price of $910, the bundle is down to

following a $420 discount that will be applied upon checkout.

For those who will primarily place the security cameras outdoors, you may want to consider this bundle that includes four units of the solar-powered EufyCam 3, which only needs exposure to two hours of direct sunlight daily for near-infinite battery life. Instead of $990, you’ll have to pay

for savings of $340.

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If you don’t need that many cameras, check out this bundle for two units of the Eufy SoloCam S340. For a

, down by $48 from $400, you’ll get a pair of solar-powered security cameras with 3K resolution and 360-degree surveillance.

There are so many other options in Eufy’s sale of home security camera bundles beyond the ones we’ve recommended above, so you may want to check out all the available deals. However, one thing’s for sure — with these prices probably returning to normal soon, you’re going to have to hurry in completing your purchase if you don’t want to miss out on the discounts.

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