How to make a flower pot in Minecraft

Everyone loves building gigantic castles and mountain-side lairs in Minecraft. These give you a cozy place to rest between adventures — and if you’re a seasoned builder, you’ll want to upgrade your home by personalizing it with decorations. Few decorations are as timeless as flowers, which have been available in Minecraft for years and add a nice pop of color to your foreboding fortress or countryside cabin.

Flowers can be placed in dirt around your home, but they can also be placed in flower pots so you can bring the plants indoors. Best of all, crafting flower pots in Minecraft is relatively simple. With just a few common resources, you can whip up a bunch of flower pots to show off your favorite species.

Here’s a look at how to make a flower pot in Minecraft and personalize your home.

Making a flower pot out of bricks.

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How to make flower pots

Flower pots can be easily crafted with just a few tools and ingredients. As long as you’re far enough in the game to have some basic stone tools, you can easily gather everything you need early on. Here’s how to make one.

Step 1: Craft a Crafting Table. Any basic Crafting Table will do, which is made out of four wood planks from any tree.

Step 2: Craft a Furnace. Furnaces may seem complex, but they are almost as easy to make as Crafting Tables. Just get yourself eight cobblestones, place them in your crafting table around the outside edges, leaving a blank space in the middle, and you’re done.

Step 3: Find clay balls. Clay balls are what drop when you break open clay blocks, which typically can be found either below or near water, such as by oceans, beaches, and swamps. Each block will give you four clay balls, and you will need at least three.

Step 4: Put at least three clay in the furnace. This will transform the clay into bricks.

Clay in a furnace.

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Step 5: Take at least three bricks and place them in the left, bottom middle, and right squares of the Crafting Table to make a flower pot.

Once made, you can place the flower pot down and place not only flowers but plenty of other things inside of it. You can hold mushrooms, saplings, cacti, bamboo, and more to decorate your area with whatever flora you desire.

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