How to fast travel in Final Fantasy 7 Rebirth

Final Fantasy 7 Rebirth is a massive game with multiple regions to explore, and a whole lot of ground to cover within each one. You’ll want to get around the world in the most efficient manner possible, which is by using fast travel. Below, we’ll detail how to make it happen so you can keep your adventure moving at a brisk pace.

How to fast travel

There are two types of fast travel points throughout Final Fantasy 7 Rebirth: Fast travel within a region and fast travel to another region. These function differently, with the latter requiring an additional step.

Chocobo Station
Square-Enix / Square-Enix

How to fast travel within a region

When exploring a region, you can open your map and instantly fast travel to any previously visited location in that region. When traveling to a rebuilt Chocobo Station or Intel spot (tower, lifespring, or fiend), you’ll also be able to choose whether to appear at the new location on foot or already on your chocobo. Efficient!

How to fast travel to another region

Fast traveling to another region requires you to speak to specific characters at designated spots within each region, such as chocobo ranches, the Costa Del Sol ferry boat dock, or various airstrips. Here are the spots you need to head to for regional fast travel.

  • Grasslands – Speak to the Ranch Hand at Bill’s Ranch.
  • Junon – Speak to Ranch Hand at Gabe’s Ranch.
  • Under Junon – Speak to the Ferry Attendant at the Ferryboat Dock.
  • Costa Del Sol – Speak to the Ferry Attendant at the Ferryboat Dock.
  • Corel – Call Cid from the phone at the Corel Airstrip.
  • Gongaga – Call Cid from the phone at the Gongaga Airstrip.
  • Cosmo Canyon – Call Cid from the phone at the Cosmo Canyon Airstrip.
  • Nibel – Call Cid from the phone at the Nibel Airstrip.

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