Get ready for summer: Ninja’s CREAMi ice cream maker is 15% off

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You’ve probably made ice cream at home before. Unfortunately, it probably came with instructions from an elementary school classroom, was more creamy-liquid-with-ice-in than ice cream, and an overall messy and frustrating process. For this summer, we’ve found a tool that can do the job for you well, with a simple three-step process to get creamy ice cream that rivals the factory stuff. Before we begin checking out all of the steps and how the Ninja CREAMi works, however, be sure to check the machine out for yourself via the button below. There, you’ll find the Ninja CREAMi for just $169, which is $30 down from the usual $199. It’s overall one of the best kitchen gadgets to pick up right now, in preparation for another record-breaking summer.

Why you should buy the Ninja CREAMi

The big feature of the Ninja CREAMi is how it simplifies the ice cream making process down to three simple steps that provide consistent results. Visualize making the ice cream with us through each step.

First, you need to prep your base. This is arguably one of the more fun parts and is where you can spark your creativity the most. Like coffee? Use your brew from one of the best coffee makers to get a nice coffee-flavored base. If you grow strawberries, you can throw some freshly picked ones in for a delightful treat you can’t purchase in supermarkets.

Then, once you’ve got your base in one or both of the pint storage containers you can pop the provided lid on and pop the mixture in the freezer. You’ll have to wait 24 hours — easily the worst part of using the Ninja CREAMi — but the anticipation is always fun.

Finally, pop the pint into the Ninja CREAMi mixer and choose your processing style to make your finished pint. The one-touch programming of the Ninja CREAMi allows for ice cream, sorbet, a milkshake, lite ice cream, and mix-in options by default. Then, there’s a quick ‘re-spin’ option to fluff and cream your finished treat if the original blend didn’t get everything to your liking.

Of course, after that comes the real final step — enjoying the fruits of your labor and digging into a homemade pint of ice cream! If this whole process sounds fun, go ahead and tap the button below to get your Ninja CREAMi today. Then, if you’re worried about not getting any of your other appliances with such great timing, check out our appliance buying timing guide so you can get the freezer that holds the ice cream at a bargain.

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